Meet a Member of Engineers Without Borders

Who said you had to graduate before you could do cool stuff? Gwanygha’a Gana, currently a student at Georgia Tech, is working with friends on building an event app and has interned with Boeing in Information Security and Engineering Operations & Technology. Gana is also involved with Engineers Without Borders, a group where members design and implement solutions for health and infrastructure needs in developing communities.

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Class of:

What is your major?
Electrical Engineering

What are you currently working on outside of class?
Mostly growing and improving Lunr.

Why the interest in startups?
I love the idea of building something from the ground up which solves people’s problems and knowing all the nuances involved. Growing Lunr from what it was to what it is now has been satisfying yet extremely motivating and I believe our team has done a good job so far.

What’s your ideal job?
Ideally, I would love to keep working on Lunr.

Post graduation plans?
Currently I have 2 offers but I’m hoping to work on Lunr full time.

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