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Need Startup Guidance? There’s a Podcast For That

by Jasmyne Moody

Podcast listening has exploded recently, with listener growth increasing 23 percent between 2015 and 2016. Podcast categories range from the broad (business lessons, philosophy) to the very niche (yes, there’s an entire podcast focused on UFO’s), which means that there’s something out there for literally everybody.

Hype combed through the ever-growing pool of podcasts to find the best ones to help those with entrepreneurial spirits. These podcasts can help founders at any stage: those with just an idea in their head to those ready to seek a seed round. We even picked the best episodes to start with!

For Entrepreneurial Education: Mixergy

Andrew Warner has conducted over 1,000 interviews during the span of Mixergy, founded in 2006 as a speaker series at universities. Now, Mixergy has grown to flaunt a massive audience with interviews from distinguished entrepreneurs. Andrew arranges his interviews so that they resemble a lesson in a classroom. Mixergy’s aim is to educate entrepreneurs, rather than just talk at them. 

Best episode to start with: How to Build Stuff People Want with Justin Kan

Why: This podcast is actually a full course by the co-founder of Twitch, a live gaming platform. This playlist of interviews teaches entrepreneurs how to listen to their customers instead of innovating blindly. Entrepreneurs learn to receive feedback from their consumers and how to actually use those insights.

For the #girlboss: Women, Work and Worth by Mavenly + Co

Mavenly + Co has made a name for themselves when it comes to uplifting and creating a community for women. Their mission is to help young women find resources for building a career that they love. Their podcast, Women, Work and Worth becomes a resource in itself — speaking with female business leaders about several subjects, including salary negotiation, mentorship, and networking.

Best episode to start with: Finding Peer Mentors + Building Mastermind Groups with Emily Wells + Sarah Deshaw

Why: This particular episode features the founder of Mavenly + Co herself, Kate Gremillion. Kate introduces two women she went on a ‘mastermind vacation’ with — together these ladies discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, building peer mentorship relationships, and how to identify a good mentor. 

For the Latest & Greatest: This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups has a finger on the pulse of the tech industry. As the name implies, host Jason Calacanis brings on a guest entrepreneur each week to talk about what’s happening right now in tech. The podcast is a combination of current events, company profiles, and insider gossip — which means there’s so much juicy information packed into each episode that you can’t go wrong by tuning in.

Best episode to start with: Tim Ferriss on what inspires him to write daily, invest mindfully, and push his body to the limits, EP 484

Why: This episode is like podcast inception since Tim Ferriss hosts one of the most popular business podcasts himself, “The Tim Ferriss Show.” This episode is a good introduction to the podcast world in general, since both people are avid entrepreneurial podcasters. Listeners are able to hear what motivates Tim Ferriss and what his mindset is behind every decision.

To Perfect Your Pitch: Pitch Practice

The quality of a pitch can be the distinguishing factor between a business destined for greatness and business destined for death. Though there isn’t a shortage of pitch competitions in the Southeast, there’s an even more convenient solution. Pitch Practice podcast host Kevin Sandlin takes pitch submissions, breaks them down, and discusses what they did wrong and what they did right.

Best episode(s) to start with: Episode 012: Giving Millennials friendly feedback for daily decisions, then Episode 014: What happens when you practice your pitch? Seriously. Listen to them back to back.

Why: These episodes show the growth that one can achieve just from practicing their pitch. Kevin hears a pitch from Robert Gilbert, founder of Tallyy, in both episodes, and his improvement is undeniable.

For Those Seeking Funding: A16Z

Want a window into the world of a top venture capital firm? Look no further than Andreessen Horowitz’s flagship podcast — A16Z. This is a prolific podcast, often producing multiple episodes per week, and it’s typically made up of interviews with startup founders and various partners and analysts at the firm.

Best episode to start with: What makes… great founders? Silicon Valley work? and more

Why: This episode covers several topics. But one thing that everyone in the tech industry can resonate with is Silicon Valley. What makes it different from the rest? This episode highlights exactly that.

Even More Money Talk: Startup Funding

Startups that are ready to raise funding should look no farther than the Atlanta-based Startup Funding podcast by Roshawnna Novellus, Ph.D., a startup advisor and investor also known as The Wealthy Yogi. On her podcast, Dr. Novellus interviews startup founders who have already been through the process of raising funding. These entrepreneurs highlight what the seed funding process is like, what they’ve learned, what the future holds, and plenty more.

Best episode to start with: Be Worthy of Trust Like Andrew Gowasack

Why: Andrew Gowasack is the co-founder of Trust Stamp, a tool for guarding against digital identity theft and “stranger danger.” Andrew puts his business model into context for every startup founder and discusses how to build trusting relationships with your customer, something that should be solid before funding is sought.

Once You’ve Made It (Or Just Want to Pretend): Eventual Millionaire

In her Eventual Millionaire podcast, business coach Jaime Masters interviews individuals who have reached the milestone of becoming millionaires to learn their tactics and advice for growing personal wealth. She also conducts case studies of prominent entrepreneurs and details how they achieved their success. Also, the name is pretty hilarious.

Best episode to start with: The Art Of Freestyle Living With Fabian Dittrich

Why: This episode delves into how to manage your time correctly, so that you can do what you want to do with your time. Precisely, it details how to squeeze an 8-hour workday into just 3 hours! This episode is perfect for founders who are still working a 9-5.

For The All-Around Hustler: Entrepreneur Hour

Atlanta-based Entrepreneur Hour covers it all, and keeps it purely motivational. Host Chris Michael Harris interviews experts to discuss how entrepreneurs can improve upon themselves. He’s interviewed marketers, journalists, and prolific entrepreneurs like Kevin Harrington.

Best episode to start with: The Dangers of Limiting Beliefs and How They Are Killing Your Growth, Episode 059

Why: This episode will resonate with anyone at any stage of scaling a startup. Chris dives into how it may be your own mindset hindering your growth, and discusses ways to optimize your thinking for bigger and bolder dreams.

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