2014 Launchpad2X Graduates!

Launchpad2X  announced their new set of graduates for their 2014 program. Created by Bernie Dixon and run in conjunction with Atlanta Technology Angels, Launchpad2X is targeted at women who are either starting their own business or who want to grow and develop a business they already own. With a focus on supporting and growing the pool of female entrepreneurs, the program provides attendees with educational resources, career development tools, leadership training, and business coaching. Launchpad2X is designed to create and sustain women entrepreneurs, by giving them skills and the network to do so and that’s something we can all get behind!

Here is a list of the 2014 Launchpad2X graduates:

  • 2MAVEN , Chrissy Liu, CEO – 2MAVEN is a online, on-demand, personal shopping service for men. The shopping service not only buys the clothing, but delivers it to your front door.
  • Austin Lloyd, Lindsey Marles, CEO- Austin Lloyd provides subscriptions for the monthly home delivery of hand-selected, premium educational toys and books for children.
  • Diversity Spend Solutions, Melanie Rhodes, CEO (@DSS_XPERTS)- DSS, LLC is a business intelligence strategy, technology and consulting firm that develops and implements the business and technical infrastructure to support Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives.
  • eMentor Connect, Sophia Morrell, CEO- eMentor Connect is an enterprise mentoring software solutions company that helps clients to build mentoring assets that enable an easier sharing experience between employees.
  • Emrgy Hydro, Emily Morris, CEO- Emrgy develops affordable hydropower solutions in waters previously thought useless in terms of hydropower, such as streams and slow rivers.
  • First Steps, Quinn Fordham, CEO- First Steps provides affordable, word-of-mouth, network-based childcare options for parents.
  • George HR, LLC , Carrie A. Lambert, CEO- George HR, LLC is a Human Resource consulting firm with a focus on small to mid-size companies who don’t have the time, resources, or skills in-house.
  • Golden Source Consultants, Jordan C. Lofton, CEO- Golden Source Consultants is a management consulting firm centered around business strategy, project management, and process improvement
  • Healthyou, Jane Curth, CEO- Healthyou is an online wellness coaching company that tracks your clients’ exercise and nutrition and give qualitative feedback for improvement.
  • Ker-Chunk Games, Molly Proffitt, CEO- Ker-Chunk Games is in the process of developing 6 cross-platform puzzle games targeting women on Facebook and mobile devices starting with our original IP, “PrinceNapped”.
  • KRG Oil, Marie Hunter, CEO- KRG Oil is a wholesale fuel supplier that specializes in on-site supply and deliver.
  • Liv2BGirl, Cindy Abel, CEO- Liv2BGirl is a social mobile application where girls can follow the latest trends and connect to what’s most important to them.
  • Partpic, Jewel Burks, CEO- Partpic is visual search for replacement parts, saving time and helping companies to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.
  • SkyTherapist, Inc., Afshan Ali, CEOSky Therapist, Inc is a virtual platform for mental health support addressing the major complaints of patients in their course of treatment. They offer integrative solutions for intelligent patient-therapist matching, quick initial assessment, and continuity of care.
  • Skillsify, Kerri Markovic, CEO- Skillsify is a SaaS company that uses tools to scale and improve hiring and retention within companies.
  • Solvit Software, Leslie J. Wright, CEO- Solvit Software is a leader in SaaS modeled purchasing card and electronic payables software, and creates cash back for corporations.
  • SparkMarket, Megan Johnson, CEO- SparkMarket is a community finance platform centered around local investing.
  • Sucette, Rachel Ford, CEO- Sucette creates intuitive products that inform parents on the health of their baby.
  • Twice as Nice Uniforms, Debora Carrier, CEO- Twice as Nice Uniforms manufactures innovative medical scrubs and lab coats built with a removable liner that provides versatility, temperature regulation and moisture management .
  • Wild Lavender, LLC, Christine Champion, CEO- The Wild Lavender, LLC website helps women live “creative” lives through everyday life, cooking and hobbies.
  • Women Behaving Wealthy, Robin Young, CEO- Women Behaving Wealthy is a program that calculates an assessment in 6 critical financial areas in order to help the Emerging Wealthy create and sustain wealth and financial security.
  • WonderKey, Melissa Murphy, CEO – WonderKey is a mobile app for facilitating more reliable communication between parents through their children.
  • Zywie, Latha Ganeshan, CEO- Zywie is a remote telemetry solution that personalizes patient care and provides physicians with actionable diagnostics and additional revenue stream.

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