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A Wonderful Place to GATHER

by Raven Davis

Event planning isn’t just for the pros anymore. Gather, created in 2012, is a software startup that allows venues and event planners to manage events more simply and efficiently. The idea was born when founders Tom Merrihew, Nicholas Miller, and Alex Lassiter realized the time consuming and tedious process of event planning, whether for small business meetings or large holiday parties. They came up with Gather—a platform that provides a web-based app for venues that streamlines the event planning process. It tracks customer information, collects payments, and manages all of the event details. In short, Gather allows you to tackle the formerly arduous task of event planning, all online, and in a matter of minutes.

The Scoop:

  • Uses mobile notifications to update venue staff on event details
  • Ensures your entire team is compliant with PCI and IRS standards
  • Uses lead-routing technology to drive sales
  • Partnered with the Concentrics Hospitality Group in May of this year
  • Has hundreds of customers nationwide, including Dallas, New York City, and of course Atlanta

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