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Analytics that will have your MK efforts looking foxy | FoxMetrics

by Raven Davis

Move over Big Brother, FoxMetrics is watching (your web metrics, that is). FoxMetrics is a comprehensive, easy-to-read, real-time analytics system. Founded two years ago by Rydal Williams, the analytics platform personalizes your customers’ metrics and prompts you to take actions based on their behavior.  The system uses person-level tracking, taking note of each individual that visits your website or mobile application and each action they take during their visit. Differentiating themselves from many traditional analytics platforms that create reports based on page views and bounce rates, FoxMetrics focuses on measuring metrics more useful and specific to your particular business.

We caught up with vice president, Sarah Payne Williams, to give you the inside scoop:


Number of Employees:

Rydal Williams, Founder
Sarah Williams, Vice President and Chief Analyst

Funding or bootstrapped:

Your Pitch:
FoxMetrics is an analytics solution that makes your data work for you. We are comprehensive, and provide the ability to trigger real-time personalization of site content and campaigns off of events collected on each user. Our system can be implemented in as little as 10 business days and has limitless tracking capabilities. We also integrate with the services you already use, connect with your existing platforms, and use a user-friendly interface that is designed to help marketing teams make smarter, more data-driven decisions. On top of that, we offer our clients tailored service, and our solution costs a fraction of what other services cost per month.

Revenue Model:
We are a SaaS company that prices based on the usage of the software. The client is billed based on the amount of calls made into and out of the FoxMetrics system. We also provide our clients with strategic and implementation services on a retainer or hourly rate.

How’d You Get The Idea For It?
We got the idea to build FoxMetrics after implementing and managing enterprise web analytics solutions for 10 years. Sarah experienced a lot of limitations with existing systems from the business intelligence side, and Rydal experienced a good deal of limitations and frustrations with the way existing systems were architected and designed. We knew we had the intellectual knowledge to build a more flexible, powerful system. In 2010 we started working together on a proof of concept, and, in 2012, we released it to the public and started taking on clients.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
We do not have any direct competitors, because we touch on three different areas:

1) Event tracking

2) Traditional web analytics

3) Profile tracking.

Additionally, we have different product offerings available to our clients. For example, some of our clients only use us for our Trigger Platform. They leverage this platform to support their trigger email efforts (e.g. Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails). The companies we keep a close eye on are KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, SeeWhy, Google Analytics  , IBM (Coremetrics)  , WebTrends, and Adobe (Omniture).

We feel we stand out, because all of our data centers around tracking the user. Profile Management allows our clients the opportunity to perform affinity and segmentation analyses, as well as build business rules off of the stored profile data. These business rules can be leveraged to trigger personalization on the site or trigger a data set to be sent to a 3rd party for use. Building rules around your data truly gets you to a place where your data is working for you.

How does ATL weave into your story?
We love the ATL for multiple reasons. First, Atlanta is a fantastic tech town. There is so much opportunity here for tech start-ups. We currently reside in the Atlanta Tech Village and we love it. There is so much great energy and camaraderie within the Village. It keeps us going.  Second, we met working in eCommerce for an Atlanta-based retailer. Our passion for technology and web analytics brought us together. We work together both professionally and personally, and that just wouldn’t be the case if we didn’t have Atlanta.

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