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Georgia Gaming Companies Winning at eSports

by Muriel Vega + Kiki Roeder

Sure, football is in full swing, but another season is kicking off this fall – eSports. This competitive video gameplay attracts millions of worldwide viewers, with the lot of them gathered around their computers for global playoffs. These battles are going on right now until late October (and we’re on the edge of our seats).

Don’t know about the world of eSports? Well, it’s not about hanging in your living room playing the latest Call of Duty with a bunch of teenagers. It’s a thriving industry packed with pro leagues, trainers, coaches, commentators, major corporate sports (think Mountain Dew and Xfinity), and, of course, true gaming celebrities. The industry is growing rapidly. According to a recent report by Newzoo, the global eSports market had 226 millions viewers worldwide last year. This year, the market is predicted to rake in $463 million.

Georgia has a big corner on that eSports market as the state boasts an impressive gaming scene, as seen from this map from Georgia.gov.

gaming-map-georgiaWe wouldn’t let you miss out on all the fun, so Hypepotamus rounded up four Georgia-based eSports companies you should keep an eye out for. Their game is strong.

 Hi-Rez Studios

_SWC8390Hi-Rez Studios, hailing from Alpharetta, launched Smite, a third-person MOBA (or multiplayer online battle arena) video game for Xbox and PC in 2011 and now, the game is popular with pro players and teams across the world. The company hosted their first Smite World Championship in ATL last year to much excitement and this coming January, they are hosting the Smite Season 3 championships with a prize pool of $1 million. Insane, right?


eLeagueIt’s time to drop that fantasy league and get with the program. ELeague, a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league, is as legit as it comes. Launched this year as a strategic partnership between Turner Broadcasting and talent agency WME/IMG, ELeague now includes 24 teams from across the world. The teams played their first season this past May at the Turner Studios’ new ELeague Arena, exclusively for eSports, and earned sponsorships from Arby’s and Credit Karma. Their new season starts next month and you can catch it on Twitch’s live stream.


KontrolFreek, based out of Tech Square, is the leader in innovative accessories to push your gaming to the limit. After studying ergonomics, KontrolFreek’s accessories give you the grip you need to play more and win more as it reduces gamer fatigue. Perfect to nail the competition. Need more proof? Check out the pro players and eSports pro-teams powered by their accessories.

 Pharoah’s Conclave

pharaoh's conclaveBecause community is the most important part of eSports, Pharaoh’s Conclave supports gamers and game designers on their jump from amateur to pro.  From meetups to game design workshops, this company provides the platform you need to train, gain exposure, and make it to the pro leagues. We all need to start somewhere. It’s all about that support, y’all.

To learn more about eSports companies in the South, checkout this article published by our media partner, DIG SOUTH. DIG SOUTH focuses on innovation in technology, business and culture across the South. 

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