Atlanta Startup Crop to Meet for TechCrunch Pitch-Off on Feb. 25

Ten entrepreneurs are currently perfecting their pitches in the hopes of wowing a panel of VC judges at next week’s TechCrunch Atlanta Meetup. Each startup will have 60 seconds to deliver their presentation, with a brief Q&A after their pitch.

After the final presentation, judges will narrow down the winners and three lucky startups will get their hands on TechCrunch Disrupt tickets (held in New York this May), with the first place winner snagging a spot in Startup Alley. [Update: The judges are KP Reddy of Change the World Partners, Edwin Marcial, CTO at ICE, and Marc Gorlin, CEO of Roadie.]

Applications are closed, but grab yourself a spot in the audience (as long as you’re 21+) and watch the ultimate showdown. Here’s a sneak peak of the Atlanta startups battling it out for the ultimate prize.

Meet Atlanta’s TechCrunch Meetup Startups

CrashCalculator | Founder, Michael Luciani
CrashCalculator uses a patent pending algorithm to measure the level of damage to your vehicle during a collision, allowing drivers to know the extent of damage aside from the standard cost of repair.

DiaScan | Founder + CEO, Sanjit Kumar
DiaScan gives radiologists the full picture of CT scans (like tumor size, stage, and more) to cut back on treatment costs and helping lung cancer patients get healthy again.

Curricula | CEO, Nick Santora
Curricula believes that understanding cyber security needs to be understood by all. Tired of boring Power Point presentations, Curricula created a course that engages learners so they can identify and comprehend cyber security risks and make informed decisions.

Fittery | Founders, Catherine Iger and Greg Vilines
Fittery is an online marketplace that connects male consumers with clothes that actually fit them. We covered them back in October to hear how their proprietary technology fixes the snag faced when purchasing clothes online.

MyLumper | CEO, Akmann Van-Mary
MyLumper delivers a unique payment platform specifically for the trucking industry. Drivers aren’t stuck carrying unsafe amounts of cash and shippers can let staff rest easy instead of dispatching for late night Express-Code calls.

NearbyNewz | Founders, Randy Davis and Todd Moran
NearbyNewz is a mobile app that breaks down traditional social media barriers and opens up communication with everyone in your area. Post what’s happening around you and check-in on stories personally catered to your interests with up-to-the-minute details wherever you are.

reKindness | Founder, Melanie Kovach
ReKindness lets you make peer-to-peer clothing swaps online using their online platform. We recently covered the crew solving your drab dress distress who’s helping old (gently used) clothes find a new home.

Spün | Umar Bakhsh
Spün let’s you track your food one bite at a time – literally! Spun’s innovative utensils track how much of each food you’ve eaten on your plate so you know when it’s time to drop the fork.

SwatchPop! | Founders, Jessica McRae and Kristen Yonson
Need help styling your pad? SwatchPop solves your design dilemmas by delivering customized solutions to your inbox within three days.

Trust Stamp |Andrew Gowasack
Trust Stamp gives you the relief of actually knowing who you’re connecting with by using social media, e-commerce and public records data to curate social-trustworthiness, verify subscriber ID and generate an objective “Trust Score.”