Switchyards Event: Consumer + Design Weekend Accelerator

June 6th to June 8th, Location TBD

Michael Tavani’s Switchyards is hosting a weekend accelerator. Read below for their full spiel and then register to check it out. 

“An entity of talented creatives and founders singularly focused on building consumer brands that put Atlanta on the startup map. The theme of Switchyards is to focus solely on building bad-ass consumer, design and brand-led companies.” MORE

There are three knocks on startup weekends…
1. they have gotten away from the launch
2. the demos on Sunday night are anti-climactic due to focus on building a product all weekend; not preparing a good demo. Oh yeah, and fatigue. Kind of a bummer way to end a good weekend
3. the companies fizzle after the weekend

We’re addressing all three at Atlanta’s Consumer + Design Weekend Accelerator
1. The focus will be back on launching a working consumer product. Not doing product-market fit tests. It’s no fun giving up your weekend unless you’re going to build stuff. That’s all we’ll be doing.
2. We’ll build 5-6 companies that demo and launch on the Thursday after the weekend (June 12th). The few days in between the designing/building/hacking (the weekend) and the demo day (Thursday a few days after) let the teams focus on tightening up their presentation. The demo day will be a social gathering to show off the products that didn’t exist just a few days earlier.
3. Teams will get formed and assigned a pre-vetted idea (it won’t suck and is viable from a market perspective). The companies with the best traction (hopefully all of them) will get incubated full-time (and supported financially) out of Switchyards. All team members involved (teams will be small 4-6 per) are invited to join as co-founders after the weekend. Equity will be divided appropriate to work and contribution. We’d love nothing more than for all team members to drop their jobs at the end of the weekend and work on these projects full-time after.

$65 per person includes food and a t-shirt

-We’ll pre-vet ideas with a heavy focus on ideas that galvanize a better consumer and design community here in Atlanta. The ideas will be solid, trust us.
Why pe-vetted ideas? Our belief is that these weekends are less on the idea and more on more quickly getting to designing and building. Friday night idea selections take up too much time.
– We’ll focus more on having fun in divvying up the teams with this formula…
Each team will look like this
– 2 devs (1 front end, 1 back-end)
– 1-2 designers
– 1 all-purpose creative (copy/brand/video/etc)
– 1-2 growth hackers


[Photo Credit: https://d262ilb51hltx0.cloudfront.net/max/800/1*KZoRYAtP0H6lpYPMXWnzYA.jpeg]