Learn How to Reduce Waste And Succeed Faster

Here’s a secret: Failing fast is the secret to succeeding sooner

As resources tighten and a culture of innovation within the enterprise is more important than ever, leadership says “Let’s fail fast.” But how do you do that?

The Enterprise Growth Institute trains employees on agile innovation and how to become the type of company that successfully develops and implements new ideas. EGI is hosting a workshop February 1 on the fundamentals of experimentation and learning how to fail fast in order to succeed.

Attendees will:

  • Set goals and visualize the machine that will get the right ideas to market faster
  • Create metrics to track “failure” and use them as a positive measure of performance
  • Define incentives for killing ideas faster
  • Prioritize which ideas to explore through rapid learning techniques using real customer feedback
  • Review case studies of how other corporations manage their innovation engines built for speed.

Ask your manager for approval

Need some help convincing your boss so that you can attend an Enterprise Growth Institute clinic to learn to implement better ideas, faster? Here’s an email template for attendees to ask their manager for approval. Just copy and paste.

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