Let’s Talk Java At Friends & Fables

Friends and Fables

Everyone has a story, it just takes the courage to tell it.

Friends & Fables is a place where stories are told and lives are changed. Join our friends at Friendly Human on January 18 to hear the inspiring stories of three local coffee companies and learn how they leverage storytelling to grow their organization. They would love to see your face, drink a beer (or perhaps a coffee) with you, and hear your story.

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Sarah Buchanan of Kula Project

Sarah Buchanan is the Founder and Director of Kula Project. She has a degree in International Development and has been working in subsistence farming regions throughout Africa for seven years. With the belief that local communities know what they need more than anyone else, she has worked exclusively with coffee farming families since 2013, empowering them to create and own their community’s sustainable development programs. Sarah splits her time between Atlanta, Georgia and Kigali, Rwanda.

Meredith Singer of Revelator Coffee Company

Meredith Singer helms day-to-day operations at Revelator Coffee as the company’s Managing Director and Executive Director of Marketing. Singer joined the coffee concept in December 2014 when there was a single store and three core employees. Since then, the company has added a 15,000 sq ft roasting facility, eleven additional retail locations, over 80 new employees, and a robust portfolio of grocery / wholesale partners. Meredith has been a consistent voice in Revelator’s story, helping guide the team through a series of strategic challenges and a pace that is set on “rapid growth”. Prior to her work in coffee, Singer’s professional pursuits encompassed everything from developing craft spirit brands and independent musicians to marketing strategies for the manufacturing and higher education sectors. Passions include entrepreneurship, film, music, and fine whiskey.

Kitti Murray of Refuge Coffee Company

Professional Story-teller // Founder of Refuge Coffee Co. // Voracious Reader // 38-Year Happy Marriage Veteran: Kitti and her wise husband, Bill, (or Kiki and Chief to their growing tribe of adorable grandkids) live on the edge of Atlanta in a refugee community that CNN has called the most diverse square mile in the world. This has been the most intense and inviting neighborhood in their experience, for sure, and God has used it to teach them to dream big and love even bigger.