Part 2: The Fun Continues with IP Asset Leveraging

On Monday, a diverse group of Atlanta entrepreneurs learned the basics of IP and intangible assets. Next week, join in to learn how to capture the value of bringing a successful business model to customers. If anyone is interested in learning how to create a strong exit by leveraging their IP and intangible assets, they are encouraged to sign up soon because the class may reach capacity.

The Details:
When: November 10th, 11:30am -12:30pm
Where: ATDC


Part 2: Leveraging IP and Intangible Asset Strategy to Generate Startup Exit Value

In this section, Ms. Hutter will introduce entrepreneurs to effective strategies that can allow them to maximize the value of the intangible asset form(s) that create value for their startups. In particular, she will demonstrate how to align a startup’s competitive advantage (that is, the value the startup provides to customers) with IP and other forms of intangible assets to ensure that the right parts of their business are protected. She will also provide an overview of various techniques that companies have successfully deployed to maximize the value of innovations. After attending this module, entrepreneurs will understand how to leverage IP and intangible assets to improve their ability to capture the value of their startup at exit.

Meet Jackie Hutter:

Ms. Hutter has almost 20 years experience in IP law, innovation and business strategy. A former law firm shareholder and senior corporate IP lawyer, for the last 7 years, Ms. Hutter has worked with business and innovation teams at Fortune 500 companies, startups and universities to develop and deploy strategies that allows her clients to create and realize long term value from all types of intangible assets. Since 2008, she has been blogging at IP Asset Maximizer Blog. Ms. Hutter is also CEO and IP Strategist of Evgentech, an early stage startup company that is bringing breakthrough battery charging technology to market. She is passionate about helping startups navigate the complex world of IP and intangible assets and is pleased to provide her expertise to Atlanta area startups who wish to learn how to better ensure they will achieve the exit value they deserve.

Can’t wait to learn more? Read some of her blog posts on our site:

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