Talent Advantage Bootcamp | Attract, Build and Retain a Stellar Team

“The cost of losing an employee can cost anywhere from 16 percent of their salary for hourly, unsalaried employees, to 213 percent of the salary for a highly trained position.” — HuffPost

After leading numerous corporate trainings, coaching programs, and workshops with Fortune 500 companies, Jacqueline of Boone Consulting and Tallia and Kate of Mavenly + Co. have built a keen understanding of what people need in order to thrive in their work and how to market to your ideal candidates.

Building on their previous General Assembly event The Talent Advantage: How to Source + Retain the Right People, this in-depth workshop, held February 9, will walk business leaders, HR professionals, and marketers through what it takes to attract, build, and retain a stellar team filled with the right talent.

Attendees will create a comprehensive strategy to:

  • Brand yourself as an employer using the latest social tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Attract and source the right people using LinkedIn and other marketing efforts
  • Learn how to retain your talent through employee development


Attendees will walk away with key strategies to immediately implement changes in their branding and recruiting process that will attract the right talent. Not only will this reduce turnover, but attendees will build up their brand and attract more of the right type of talent moving forward. Attendees will also gain an understanding of how to cultivate a coaching culture to continue to grow and retain top talent.

Friends of hype get $100 off using code “HYPEFRIEND”. Space is limited so register here ASAP!  Lunch will be provided for all attendees.