honorCode Wants to Prepare You Today for the Workforce of Tomorrow

How can you best prepare to enter the workforce of the future?

In Georgia alone there are over 20,000 open computer programming positions with an average annual salary of about $85,000. However, even with a blossoming increase in the city’s total tech industry employment, less than 6 percent of Atlanta’s public schools offer coding classes.

There is a huge opportunity to train the future workforce and coding curriculum non-profit honorCode has cracked the code on how to do this quickly and effectively.

Now honorCode is opening up the discussion to the public

Join honorCode January 31st, to hear a group of expert panelists from the tech industry and workforce development explore topics surrounding workforce trends, innovative training programs, and the needs of employers across industries.

If you are a student, a parent of a future techie, or simply interested in joining the discussion, join industry experts and come prepared with questions of your own for the panelists!

Register here!