Greenhouse Accelerator Pitch Night

Join The Green Chamber of the South for An Interactive Evening with the Cleantech Startups of the Greenhouse Accelerator. The event will help you meet and mingle with a special segment of Atlanta’s green entrepreneurs.

When: November 17th, 5:00p- 8:00p
Where: Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center, 250 14th Street, NW, Atlanta 30318


Presenting Cleantech Startups: Each entrepreneur will give a two-minute overview over their company, after which they will be available for further conversations at their own table.

  • Evgentech is developing a fast-charging battery technology that can cut the time it takes to fully charge a lithium-ion battery in half.
  • Emrgy uses unique gear-box technology to pack turbine-and-generator systems into small, modular and scalable units.
  • Advance Power Solutions uses conductive ink to install a heating element on solar cells that keeps them clear of snow.
  • PARKENT Cycles provides a secure bicycle docking station that prevents bicycle theft.
  • SolDeSal deploys industrial and municipal-scale solar thermal desalination technology to serve global fresh water needs.
  • Titurel uses piezo-enabled generators embedded in pavement to produce electricity from traffic moving over that surface.
  • Consensus Energy is an environmental services company that designs, installs, maintains and finances energy retrofit projects.
  • Intelligent Energy Optimizers manufactures long-lasting induction and LED light fixtures that provide high-quality light while requiring virtually no maintenance.
  • PhytoSynthetix is a horticultural lighting company whose biophotonic feedback system allows the LED lights to communicate with the plants.
  • Retrofit America is deploying a state-of-the-art technology platform that scales up energy efficiency retrofits and home improvements.
  • Thermacote manufactures a proprietary, high performance ceramic coating that insulates exposed surfaces.
  • Biochar Central converts wood and agricultural waste to environmentally beneficial biochar products through a proprietary pyrolysis technology.
  • Upshots deploys new technological options to re-use raw materials from used cooking oil for high-value pharmaceutical applications.

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