Goodie Nation Calls for Hackathon Volunteers In the Fight to Defeat Global Disease

Goodie Nation is tackling global health issues, one hacker at a time

Billions of people are affected by cancer and sexually transmitted diseases worldwide, and Goodie Nation is aiming to use technology to change that. Their three-month Pre-Accelerator program is where founders of socially-oriented tech startups see their ideas come to life. From there, these ideas will help people overcome two major global health challenges: cancer and STDs.

Phase II of the pre-accelerator is a Marketing + Prototyping hackathon where UI/UX designers, digital marketers, web designers, PR/communication specialists and graphic designers donate their time and talent to turn ideas into clickable prototypes, digital advocacy campaigns, landing pages, logos and plans to reach the first users, social media followers or email list subscribers. This is a chance for subject matter experts to contribute to work that will be socially beneficial to many people, from founders who are aspiring business owners to the customers and clients that they will help.

Then, in Phase III of the project, the Hackathon For Developers will be a 48-hour experience where developers donate their talent and join the teams of founders to turn their prototypes into working products.

Hackers, this is your chance to help those impacted by cancer and STDs — and possibly win money and other prizes. It’s a mashup of social good, tech, entrepreneurship and relationship-building with highly-skilled people, and, quite possibly, the coolest community service project you’ll ever experience.

The Goodie Marketing + Prototyping Hackathon will take place from Friday, June 8 – Sunday, June 10 at the Google Atlanta office. The Goodie Hack[athon] For Developers will take place from Friday, June 22 – Sunday, June 24 at the Google Atlanta office.

Featured image via Fly Media Productions