The Creator of Sass To Host One Day Workshop in ATL

Camp Sass is a one-day, one-track conference put on each year by Hampton Catlin, the creator of Sass. It’s like the younger sibling of Sass Conf, meant to be a fun chance to hang out with other “Sasstronauts,” as Hampton calls them, in a more intimate setting.

What is Sass? Sass is a powerful CSS extension language that lets users write CSS with a little bit less of a fuss over syntax. It’s open-source and boasts a vibrant community of supporters and contributors.

This year marks the Camp’s first appearance outside of San Francisco, and it’s bringing with it some of the pre-eminent names in the Sass community, including:

– Hampton Catlin, creator of Sass
– Jina Bolton, Senior Product Designer, Salesforce UX
Bermon Painter, UX Team Lead, Cardinal Solutions (Charlotte office)
Una Kravets, Front End Developer, IBM Design Studio
Mina Markham, Front End Architect, IBM Design Studio
Micah Godbolt, Front End Architect & Speaker, publisher of Sassbites

Don’t let the name of the camp fool or intimidate you! Since Sass is compatible with all versions of CSS, this conference is a great opportunity for any developer or designer who writes CSS at all. It’s a chance to glean wisdom from other design-minded folks, who just happen to be using Sass.

Camp Sass is being held at Polygon, in Atlantic Station on Saturday, April 4, and we hear Hampton tends to be the life of the after party. Tickets are $99 ahead of time, or $125 at the door. Reserve yours today!

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