It’s Back | Venture Atlanta 2015

Mark your calendars now for Venture Atlanta 2015 – the premier investor conference in Georgia, on October 20th-21st. The conference is attended by entrepreneurs, senior technology executives, investors from across the country, and other movers and shakers interested in emerging companies.

Here’s a rundown of the Early Stage Presenters so you can study up before the big event

  1. Lasso: Corralling your talent, scheduling your crew, and getting them paid- LASSO is there every step of the way, automating the entire process. They’ve engineered a smart database that makes finding and communicating with your talent easier than ever. LASSO’s platform analyzes all candidates’ availability and qualifications, allowing you to schedule the best crew at the right cost.
  2. FotoIN: The company was founded in 2012 by Sly Barisic (@SlyFotoIN) and is seeing quite a bit of success in the forefront of in-field photo documentation solutions. FotoIN provides companies with mobile and cloud-based solutions for photo documentation and automated filing.
  3. Clean Hands | Safe Hands: Founded in 2013 by Chris Hermann, PhD, CEO, this system will monitor and distinguish compliance of individual employees, groups of employees, or non-employee individuals who enter or exit patient areas and rooms. The sensors do not require any physical modifications to the hospital, as they are battery powered, wireless, and mounted to any existing alcohol or soap dispenser.
  4. Engage CX: Founded by David Trice and Erik Bleke, the Relationship Cloud™ is the experience-driven enterprise platform that re-defines customer relationship management (CRM). Especially in retail, hospitality, financial services, travel and automotive, customers engage with organizations across a growing universe of disconnected interactions.
  5. Smart Gladiator: Smart Gladiator was founded in 2013 by Puga Sankara, Mohamed Reyaz, and Gopinath Kesavalu and is based at Technology Square in the Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a technology community that is recognized as a national, if not global, locus for mobility technology.
  6. Hux: Finding someone to clean your house can be a nerve-wracking process… even more nerve-wracking than cleaning it yourself. That’s where Hux (founded in 2013 by Robert Alix) comes in. With their services you can instantly book a local service provider. Currently available for house cleaning, Hux (formerly Virgilis) takes the hassle out of finding and vetting candidates, getting quotes, scheduling and payment. Book a house cleaner in 2 minutes flat.
  7. CentralBOS: Their mission is to offer an integrated, cloud-based and mobile SaaS solution that provides businesses with anytime, anywhere access to all of their key data and eliminates the excess costs and inefficiencies associated with the traditional “duct taped” approach to managing back office functions. Founded by Joseph Meyer.
  8. Gimme: Atlanta-based Gimme Vending is bringing these vending machine industry into to the 21st Century with their innovative technology that allows owners to understand what’s happening on the backend. Originally focused solely on the hardware (check out our previous coverage here), Gimme has evolved into a full software system. With their rapid growth and focus on a ripe market, it’s no surprise that the Gimme team recently won the TAG Business Launch Competition (three cheers guys).
  9. Terminus: Terminus is the industry’s first account-based marketing platform that enables B2B marketers to target companies, engage decision-makers on their terms and accelerate sales pipeline velocity at scale. Launched in early 2015, Terminus is already proven to better align sales and marketing teams, deploy account-based marketing at scale and increase close rates; and is used by brands including Dun & Bradstreet, SalesLoft and Influitive. Backed by notable investors in the B2B marketing space, Terminus is headquartered in the Atlanta Tech Village where it is rapidly expanding its footprint. .
  10. FSLogix: FSLogix, founded by Kevin Goodman and Randy Cook is a leading innovator of solutions that enable the enterprise virtual workspace, reducing the amount of hardware, time and labor required to support cloud and virtual desktops.  FSLogix provides a single, unified approach to image management, profile access, and application provisioning.
  11. Convey Services: Formed in 2013 as a spin off from Copper Services, a web and audio conferencing company, Convey’s technology solutions were crafted and developed over the last 3 years to enrich the customer experience of Copper Services’ over 3,000 corporate clients. Convey’s solutions empower channel teams, associations, sales, marketing and training organizations to control and manage a customized online site that empowers users to have a single destination for content, online training, and member engagement.
  12. Florence Healthcare: Following new federal regulations, pharmaceutical companies are forcing trial sites to implement remote data monitoring, which means that hospitals, clinics, and investigators are now responsible for sending huge volumes of data offsite. They’re a team of document management and healthcare experts out to change the way new drugs are brought to market. Founded by Andres GarciaRyan Jones and Mike Kassin, Florence is taking Atlanta to new places in the healthcare IT industry.
  13. LoveMath: LoveMath™ exceeds the National Common Core Standards. All lessons use Concrete, Representational, and Abstract problems to properly instruct and assess the learner’s math knowledge. Adaptive algorithms in their Drill and Practice create a smarter and more efficient study environment for the students.
  14. Greenprint: According to research by Atlanta-based startup, GreenPrint, currently 89% of people recycle, 97% of drivers would use carbon neutral gasoline, and 80% of people would be willing to pay more for it. In order to capitalize on this growing trend, GreenPrint has created ZERO – the first reduced emissions fuel solution. Founded by Peter Davis (CEO) and Trenton Spindler, GreenPrint launched in 2014 and has built a list of retail petroleum and fleet clients, representing more than 1,300 retail locations and 50,000 fleet vehicles, including select gas stations in the Atlanta area.
  15. Monsieur: Co-founded in 2013 by Barry Givens and Eric Williams, Monsieur is actively led by Givens and a team of 9 full time employees. Based out of ATDC, Monsieur is a technology used to order, prepare, and serve cocktails that can be used on or off-premise. Consumers can order drinks from their phones and receive them at one of Monsieur’s machines and they can also buy the machine outright for home use.
  16. RootsRated: Founded in 2013, RootsRated is a media platform that connects users with the best outdoor experiences, hand-picked by local outdoor retailers and their networks of local experts. They are not another website full of crowd-sourced trail reviews. They harness the collective expertise of high-level local runners, skiers, riders, paddlers, and climbers. RootsRated brings people who love the outdoors together, through insights from locals who are most in the know.
  17. SherpaDesk: SherpaDesk IT support and customer management software is the first support application to launch on the Windows 8 marketplace. SherpaDesk is a simple and effective ZenDesk alternative that offers ticket management, time tracking and easy invoicing. With Windows 8, Microsoft has completely rethought how their operating system is going to respond to the growing demand of cloud-based applications. SherpaDesk’s engineering team has taken advantage of this new platform and designed a user interface tailored just for their Windows users.

Congratulations to National Builder Supply for making the list of Venture Spotlight Companies, alongside other great GA businesses pitching at VA. Whether you’re presenting, investing, or just looking for a place to learn more about different companies, Venture Atlanta is the place to be.