Hunting Unicorns – What Makes an Effective UX Professional?

The Atlanta Web Design Group (AWDG) believes that being an effective UX Professional isn’t just about being a “unicorn that can write code, create visual mockups and build wide-frames.” Great UX professionals create effective products by using the hard and soft skills honed after years of experience. These skills vary from organization to organization, and even project to project and need to be tailored to the context of the situation.

That’s why they’re hosting the May 28 event, Hunting Unicorns – What Makes an Effective UX Professional. This session will cover the skills needed to be an effective UX designer in almost any organization.

Topics discussed:

  • How the hard skill spectrum may differ by the type of organization/project
  • What a T skill set is & why it’s important to hiring managers
  • Strategies to market your own skills more effectively

Interested? Check out the details below and be sure to RSVP

Thursday, May 28
6:30 PM

Polygon Atlanta
264 19th Street NW
Suite 2250
Atlanta, GA

$10.00 per person

The Speaker:
Patrick Neeman lives in Seattle, Washington and currently serves as the Director of Product Design at Apptio, an IT Spend Management platform for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to this, he was the Director of User Experience at Jobvite, a social recruiting and applicant tracking platform. He’s also worked as a Social Media and User Experience consultant for Microsoft, worked on the prelaunch team at Orbitz, and has successfully launched several startup sites. Plus, he’s published several mobile applications, including the UX Drinking Game and Perks Locator.

About AWDG:
AWDG is for anyone who makes Websites. Markup, style, code, typography, SEO, e-commerce, Web apps, and social networking are all valid topics here. AWDG aims to provide a place for Web professionals to meet new people, exchange ideas, learn new things, and have a little fun by hosting several events each month: one for learning, and happy hours all over the metro area for socializing.

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