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Atlanta-based startup rolls out “WelcomeHome” mat in the CRM Space

by Maija Ehlinger

Bootstrapped startup WelcomeHome is building a new type of CRM, only this one is designed specifically to help the elderly care space. 

“Senior living operators have several pain points. They need to recruit, build and maintain great employees who will care for their residents. They need to keep their communities full, when 3-10% of residents move-out every month. They need to manage costs without impacting quality of service, as inflation on wages and other costs rises,” CEO John Lariccia told Hypepotamus. 

The Atlanta-based company looks to help operators on all three of these fronts. “The company’s original concept was nothing more than a prospect scoring algorithm. That quickly became a very small feature to an all-encompassing CRM,” he added. 

Today the platform serves as a virtual sales assistant, a prospect and referrer manager, a reporting platform, and a one-touch communication tool for those operating senior living spaces. 


Building WelcomeHome 

Lariccia cut his teeth as a management consultant at Bain & Company’s Atlanta office. It was during this time that he first started working with senior living operators and recognized the unique problems associated with the space, specifically that senior living sales is a complicated process and “existing tools being used weren’t helping people in the community,” he told Hypepotamus. 

Lariccia connected with Ryan Winograd, another Bain alum, before the two eventually started working on the idea for a new software company. The company launched in 2019 and has since seen skyrocketing growth in terms of the number of communities served. The team has also moved into a new office space in Buckhead, which Lariccia said will help the startup attract even more talent. 

Senior living spaces also have transformed since 2019, having struggled through COVID.  

There are approximately 29,000 assisted living and residential care facilities in the US, according to data collected by the American Health Care Association (ACHA). More than 800,000 Americans currently live in assisted living. 

WelcomeHome has been busy over the last three years finding new ways to serve these communities. Earlier this summer the startup teamed up with Dallas-based OneDay to bring branded video content to help improve the overall sales cycle.



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