The Chiefs & 49ers aren’t the only big names in sports. These are the SportsTech teams you need to know.

Super Bowl LVIII is finally here. Baseball spring training is just around the corner. And before you know it, it’ll be time to fill out those March Madness brackets.

It’s a great time for major sports fans and bandwagon supporters alike. But all year round, there are some impressive startups building at the intersection of sports and technology. In the Southeast alone, there are companies helping with everything from skills development to new fantasy sports opportunities.

Here are some of the top sports-related startup you need to know:

Startup For How You Watch Games

Gaming tickets are getting a refresh with Project Admission, a Nashville-based startup that helps big ticketing platforms improve the buying, selling, and distribution process.


Startups For Your Sports Skills

Screentime is a big issue for parents. But screens can be an important learning tool…even when it comes to sports and outdoor activities. Rival’s app uses AI to help kids learn new soccer skills in a fun and engaging way. You can read more about Rival’s work with kids in Miami here.

Real-time glucose insights is important for high performing athletes. Supersapiens, an Atlanta-based startup, is a sports technology company focused on energy management systems, something that makes glucose monitoring even easier for more people.


Startups Building Up Your Favorite Teams

Running a sports team requires a lot more than just putting together a starting lineup. North Carolina-based and venture-backed company Teamworks has put together an all-in-one communication and operations platform for athletic organizations. That means the platform can put recruiting, compliance, athlete development, and branding all under one roof.


Startup Changing The Sports Recruiting World

Getting noticed is a difficult thing for any student athlete. But Press Sports, an Atlanta-based social media app, makes it easier for recruits to share highlights with coaches. And those social media feeds can help athletes – from cheerleaders to basketball players – share their skills and catch the attention of college coaches.

Former NFL player Chris Spencer moved from the center of the gridiron to the middle of the startup world with the launch of Mental Metrix. The Nashville-based startup helps sports organizations get better data on athletes and recruits.


Startups Connecting Us To The Game…Even From Our Couch

PlayOn! Sports, which was born in Atlanta, is a media company for the every-growing world of high school sports. As the company has scaled, it has expanded to help elevate the fan experience through streaming, digital ticketing, scheduling, and sports marketing.

Nashville-based Bunches is a social media platform designed specifically to connect sports fanatics together online while they are watching a game in real time. Think of it as a Reddit or Twitter designed just for avid sports fans.

The Player’s Lounge, founded by elite UGA football alumni, is a fun media platform connecting fans with their favorite athletes. The platform has grabbed the attention of SEC schools like Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee.