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Georgia Startups Have A New Type of HealthTech Partner

by hypepotamus

HealthTech and MedTech startups have a new place to pitch following the launch of Northeast Georgia Health Ventures (NGHV).

Born out of the four-hospital health system spread across the state of Georgia which houses over 1,2000 providers, NGHV looks to be a unique additional resource to entrepreneurs looking to grow their health-focused ideas. It is a partnership with Prinnovo, a North Carolina-based company specializing in helping independent, mid-sized health systems to establish, staff and manage their own health venture offices. 

Accessibility is the name of the game for the new venture, according to principal Stuart Bracken

“Our priority is providing unparalleled access to knowledgeable staff at NGHS to accelerate development of a workable solution, not just providing capital. As such, we first ask if working closely with an early-stage company to innovate within our health system can unlock significant revenue potential. If the answer is yes, then we work together to rapidly unlock that potential.  Speed in execution is often the difference between success and failure with early-stage healthcare technology companies. Once we test and validate a solution within our health system, we are open to broadening alignment via capital investment,” he told Hypepotamus. 

The launch was announced in October at Venture Atlanta, the Southeast’s largest venture conference. 


Behind the New Venture 

While the fund will not lead capital investments, Bracken believes the realities of the changing global economic environment right now means it is the perfect time to launch such a unique venture. 

Northeast Georgia Health Ventures recognizes that the need to successfully partner to accelerate innovation increases, not decreases, during challenging economic times,” Bracken added. “Launching now, during a period of capital constraint, means that we will have the ability to attract the best startups in the country who know that they need to partner closely with a health system to succeed. Because our model is different from the traditional VC model, we think now is perfect time launch and build the foundation for the future.”

Innovation in healthcare and biotech has skyrocketed over the last two years as health systems looked to change how they deliver care in a post-pandemic world. Beyond just telemedicine, personalized medicine, genomics, wearables, and the use of AI and IoT technologies have all taken center stage in HealthTech and MedTech in 2022.

Expanding BioTech and MedTech innovation in Georgia is particularly important, as the state falls well below the national average in many key health metrics

Seed stage startups interested in pitching NGHV can do so here



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