Meet The 85 Startups From Across The Country Selected To Join Venture Atlanta’s Stage This October

The theme for this year’s Venture Atlanta conference, FORWARD, aptly addresses this moment in time for the Atlanta technology ecosystem, says  CEO Allyson Eman. 

“This year’s number of applicants broke even last year’s record, with the quality of companies making it a very difficult job for our Selection Committee,” she said upon the announcement of the 86 startups selected to take the stage this October. 

Many of those selected will be familiar to the Hypepotamus audience. 60% of startups come from outside of Atlanta and in other growing tech hubs across the Southeast. 


Meet The Startups By Tech Vertical 


Kayhan Space – Boulder, Colorado / Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)


HealthTech / MedTech / Healthcare 

1 TrueHealth – Austin, Texas 

Allergood – Durham, North Carolina 

Carework  – Port Orange, Florida 

femPAQ – Bentonville, Arkansas



Mitivate – Atlanta, Georgia 

Patientory  – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here

Physician 360 – Dallas, Texas (Hypepotamus coverage here

Quinsite – Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Skintelligent – Atlanta, Georgia 


Media Technology 

Beam Dynamics – Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Offbeat Media Group – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here

RootNote – Nashville, Tennessee (Hypepotamus coverage here

Seed&Spark – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here


The Mirror – Miami, Florida 

Vū Technologies Corp – Tampa, Florida 


Climate / Environment / Energy 

CIRT (Can I Recycle This, Inc.) 


RetailTech / Ecommerce

Arcum Partners – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here

Greenlist – San Francisco, California 



Allobee – Durham, North Carolina 


Fintech / Insurtech 

Allison – Tampa, Florida (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Deposits Inc – Dallas, Texas 

Everyware – Austin, Texas 

Flyp Financial – Charlotte, North Carolina 

Infinite Giving – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Marco – Miami, Florida 

myFloc – Atlanta, Georgia 

Sola – Atlanta, Georgia 

Swipe Credit – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Viva Finance – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Yellow Card – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)



Supply Chain / Logistics / Transportation 

Carpool Logistics – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Duke AI – Dallas, Texas 

Jax Rideshare Rentals – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

OneRail – Orlando, Florida 

PorterLogic – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Preteckt – Memphis, Tennessee 

SemiCab – Atlanta, Georgia 



Coginiti – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Ecomaps Technologies – Baltimore, Maryland 

JourneyTrack – Wilmington, Delaware 

Qualytics – Baltimore, Maryland 

Rippleworx – Huntsville, Alabama 

Spontivly – St. Petersburg, Florida (Hypepotamus coverage here)


Mobile Apps 

EyeGage – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

F3TCH – Wilmington, North Carolina (Hypepotamus coverage here)

iAccess Life – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Laundr – Gainesville, Florida 

One Donation – Winston Salem, North Carolina 


Software / SaaS / Cloud / IT 

Cast AI – Miami, Florida 

CROOW – Tampa, Florida 

Cuemby – Delray Beach, Florida 

Harness Technologies – Tampa, Florida 

Leasecake – Winter Park, Florida 

Mini City – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Motionworks – Atlanta, Georgia 

Omedym – Liberty, South Carolina 

QuantHub – Birmingham, Alabama 

Resultid – Boston, Massachusetts 

Speedscale – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Togal.AI – Miami, Florida 

Travelsist – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Vieaura – Chicago, Illinois 


Industrial Automation 

Linebird – Richmond, Virginia 

Lucid Drones – Charlotte, North Carolina (Hypepotamus coverage here)


Employment / HR Tech / Gig Work / Employee Engagement 

ConConnect – New York, New York 

Cooleaf – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

GoCoach – New York, New York 

My Panda – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Hubstaff – Fishers, Indiana  

Onwards HR – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Rali – Alpharetta, Georgia 

Seekr – Coral Gables, Florida 

Transition – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)



Evident – Atlanta, Georgia 

Hummingbird AI – Miami Beach, Florida 

Siemba – Alpharetta, Georgia 


Construction / Real Estate / Hospitality 

FlowPath – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Presso – Atlanta, Georgia (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Proserve Alliance – Roswell, Georgia 

Rent Check – New Orleans, Louisiana (Hypepotamus coverage here)

Smart Alto – San Francisco, California


Venture Atlanta will take place from October 19-20 at the Woodruff Arts Center in Midtown Atlanta.