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Maps are becoming more social, thanks to Atlanta-based startup GeoCloud

by Maija Ehlinger

For startup GeoCloud, it is truly all about location, location, location.

The Atlanta-based venture is creating new location-based experiences and making it possible for more people to find their community wherever they are in the world.

It isn’t just about getting someone from Point A to Point B. From dating apps to food delivery, location-based technologies are something that we are all familiar with. GeoCloud is looking to expand the network of location technologies and be a “one-stop shop for these experiences and services,” co-founder Jay Jackson told Hypepotamus.

Its first social app, uGeo, allows consumers to personalize their maps based on their interests and goals. That might look like a football fan mapping out all the best tailgate locations or a person creating an events page to help spread the word about things going on in the community.

The concept is ultimately about using technology to build real-world connections and encouraging everyone to live locally.

“We all have a natural and biological need to orient ourselves geographically and find belonging in groups of people that share interests or beliefs,” Jackson added.

The team’s target audience at the moment is local explorers and businesses looking to connect within their city.

The startup is focused specifically on Atlanta, New York, Lagos, and other key cities as it looks to scale and add new users. It has already garnered 13,000 users to date after launching its public beta last year.

Meet The GeoCloud Team

After bootstrapping the first iteration of the company, GeoCloud secured funding from a small group of angel investors and is now in the midst of closing its pre-seed round.

The concept is the brainchild of co-founders Jay Jackson and Abiodun Johnson.

Jackson built up his career in the corporate world as a system engineer, product developer, and consultant. The concept for GeoCloud started as a side project while he was working at Uber and Google.

Johnson, an engineer and entrepreneur, was most recently co-founder and CEO of COSIGN, a software startup helping influencers monetize content online.

Now that uGeo is out on the app store, the team is hyper-focused on putting it on the map, so to say, as a go-to map and local search platform.

Jackson told Hypepotamus that the team is specifically focused on “user growth, partnerships and making sure that the user experience is delightful and impactful” to create the world’s most customizable social map.



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