Importing Canadian Tech: New Hub Looks To Connect Atlantic Canada & Atlanta

When Nova Scota Business Inc. wanted to connect local Canadian startups with US investors and partnership opportunities, they first went to Boston and set up Scale-up Hub Cambridge.

Their second stop: Atlanta.

The launch of Scale-up Hub Atlanta is a natural fit for Atlantic Canadian founders looking to scale in Fintech, Manufacturing, Health Care, and telecommunications verticals. This week’s Investor Showcase at ATDC showcased some of the unique technology coming out of eastern Canada and how building relationships in the Southeast tech ecosystem could be fruitful for both regions.

Scale-up Hub is designed to help high-growth Canadian startups access to international sales, investment, and growth opportunities.

Behind the hub is leader Kirk Barnes, CEO and Co-Founder of TransPharMed, and Nova Scotia Business Inc., an organization helping connect businesses in Atlantic Canada to global investment opportunities. Supporting the program is Atlanta-based advisor and investor Steve Nicolle.



Interested in what Canadian companies are in town and looking to expand their international presence by way of Atlanta? Meet the startups here:

  • The Black Arcs – civic technology company that allows customers to explore the trade-offs being made in land use. Its cloud-based tool CitiSketch allows citizens and policy makers to visualize possibilities and test different strategies and planning decisions that shape neighborhoods and cities.
  • Densitas Health Solutions – measures a patients’ breast density during mammograms to help assess cancer risks. Breast density is one indicator of the likelihood that someone will develop cancer, and high density makes mammography more difficult by concealing lumps.
  • Fundmetric – uses artificial intelligence to help charities enhance their engagement with donors. U.S. colleges and universities have become its main market, and its clients include such leading institutions as Texas Tech.
  • Onset – has a way for film crews to safely communicate with your crew from anywhere in the world using annotation over live video monitoring and playback.
  • Photo-Dynamic Inc. – has developed a new standard of at-home oral health care through botanical science
  • Prosaris Solutions – helps detect air and gas leaks and helps improve sustainability and efficiency with Leak Lifecycle Management
  • The Rounds – is a secure network that allows physicians and HCPs to connect with peers and experts across therapeutic areas in a secure environment.
  • SnapAP – automates the accounts payable process – the process a company uses to pay the money it owes to customers and lenders. The software also helps companies reduce costs and improve efficiency in other payment processes, such as invoicing.
  • Sona Pay Inc. –  is a full-service merchant services company that provides competitive pricing and tailored solutions to simplify payment acceptance
  • Stemble Learning Inc. – is a virtual teaching assistant for labs and assignments that was created by a college chemistry professor
  • Talem Health Analytics – uses AI to help insurance professionals and healthcare providers better understand accidents and injury analysis
  • WeUsThem Marketing – develops content and strategies for the internet, TV, radio, mobile, desktop, print and other media. The company, headed by Ashwin Kutty and Fatem Alshazly, has also developed imTeen, a technology that helps youth track and maintain their health.

This week’s pitch event at ATDC was just the starting point for what these startups plan to do in Atlanta. We’ll be following along as more of these Canadian companies expand their presence in the city in the coming months.