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Coming This Earth Day: An Easier Way To Give Back To The Planet

by Julianna Bragg

With companies and citizens aspiring to become more environmentally friendly, Alpharetta-based Greencom is making it easier to donate to save the planet. 

The environmental tech space is one that the startup’s Managing Director R. Christian Mundy knows a lot about. At Sterling Planet (where Greencom was incubated), Mundy encourages companies to use carbon offsets as a way to negate their environmental impact and emissions. It was here that Mundy recognized the need to bring more sustainable solutions to everyday people. 

On the consumer side, Greencom is easy to understand and utilize. Buyers download the app and peruse a portfolio of environmental projects and programs that cover local and country-wide outdoor condition concerns. Users support these projects monetarily, financially, or socially by sharing them on social media and amongst friends. 

Shoppers save money and give back to the planet while using the app. “[Individuals] can browse 500,000+ coupons and savings opportunities through the app, and you can discover which businesses are going to reward you for your purchases,” Mundy told Hypepotamus. Once purchases are made, the purchaser directly uses those funds towards an environmental project of their choosing, making the process more personal. 

For businesses, the process is all about communication and creating a public statement to inspire clients to shop with them. Specifically, “[businesses] can make a very public statement about how they support the environment with cashback opportunities.” These companies attract a user base concerned about these environmental subjects, creating transparency into how their purchase is more environmentally friendly with Greencom. 



Greencom is easy to keep up with, Mundy said, because it does the hard work for the user, allowing them to have whatever direct impact they want. “Every time you make a purchase, you can choose to set your channel to a certain project, or otherwise your cashback is banked in the app to give away whenever [the buyer] would like.” 

In honor of Earth Day, Greencom is partnering with several sustainable businesses at Ponce City Market in Atlanta with the Atlanta Green Market Fair. The goal is to create “bridges that close the gap between commerce and sustainability,” Mundy explained.

Mundy explained that Atlanta is unique for the launch of Greencom because of its financial tech and sustainable business community. In the current climate, companies are desperate to find ways to broadcast their sustainability goals and how to achieve and measure them. 

“Our mission is to facilitate the funding for [environmental] organizations to help people do it for free,” added Mundy.


About the author: Julianna Bragg is studying Political Science and Journalism at Agnes Scott College. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in broadcast or digital journalism. Currently, she’s looking to connect the stories of entrepreneurs and innovators to improve social, racial, and environmental issues of the time. 

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