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Get To Know The CEO: Mark Sedgley Joins As Top Executive At SingleOps

by Maija Ehlinger

Atlanta-based SingleOps has a new CEO. 

The SaaS startup named Mark Sedgley as its new top executive last week, taking over from co-founder Sean McCormick who has been in the position since 2014.

SingleOps has reached an inflection point that most startups hit as they continue to scale. And Sedgley’s professional background seems to be the right mix to help propel SingleOps into its next chapter. He previously served as CEO of two SaaS companies, Atlanta-based MemberClicks (acquired by Personify in 2020) and Los Angeles-based TRAXERO. 

“Sean’s a creator. I’m an optimizer,” Sedgley told Hypepotamus. “SingleOps went through the really difficult phase of creation, market validation, and beginning and fledgling stages of scale. I think that’s where I sync up really well from a skill set and strength perspective…I can take that, professionalize it, and maximize it moving forward to create long-term sustainable growth.”

Sedgley told Hypepotamus that he was first connected with McCormick during his time at MemberClicks. The two connected when SingleOps was looking into how to best implement payments into the SingleOps’ platform, something the MemberClicks’ team had a lot of experience with.

A History of SingleOps

SingleOps is a software platform that provides business management solutions — everything from managing customers to creating proposals, timesheets, and invoices — for those with landscaping and tree care businesses. The startup narrowed its focus to landscaping and tree care professionals in 2018. 

SingleOps earned a spot as a Venture Atlanta Startup Showcase company in 2017 and closed its first funding round from David Cummings earlier that year. The startup is also backed by Five Elms Capital. 

Its most recent injections of capital came in 2022 with a $74 million growth equity investment from FTV Capital


Where SingleOps Goes Next 

“I always thought that SingleOps had a great opportunity to be a significant player and an underserved space,” Sedgley added. “Enterprise markets are always typically really well served from a verticalized software perspective. But [McCormick] took the harder route, similar to what I had done at MemberClicks, in deciding to serve the small to midsize guys.” 

We asked Sedgley about what his goals are as he steps into the CEO position. He told Hypepotamus that he wants to create a larger impact on the SMB (small and medium-sized business) market while growing professional development opportunities for employees. 

“We’re going to create ripple together,” Sedgley said. “Our software makes it easier for our customers to operate their businesses, which makes them more efficient, grow their revenue, and create jobs. That’s ripple. And the same is true for us. If we’re successful, more customers will want to partner with SingleOps, and that creates more opportunity and growth for us, which means more and more people will be able to grow their careers with us.”



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