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Georgia Tech’s E-Commerce, Consumer Products, & Healthcare Entrepreneurs Shine at InVenture Prize 2023

by hypepotamus

Celebrating its 15th year, Georgia Tech’s InVenture Prize brought some of most promising student entrepreneurs together on the stage of the Ferst Center for the Arts last night.

For those unfamiliar with the pitch competition, the InVenture Prize is the largest undergraduate collegiate invention competition in the United States has earned the nickname of “American Idol for Nerds.” Six student-led teams took the stage to compete for the top prize of $20,000 and an automatic ticket into the coveted Create-X Startup Launch program on campus.



Drum roll, please…

People’s Choice: Novella Lamp

Industrial Design student Julia Pina invented Novela Lamp as an interactive shadow puppet lamp that allows children to tell stories and express themselves creatively without screen time.  Impressively, Pina has built all of the current Novela Lamps herself to date, though she is hoping to scale with partnerships with mass manufacturers. As the People’s Choice Award, Novella Lamp snagged $5,000 at the end of the night.


2nd Place: SpoilerALERT

Students Sierra Houang, Grady Lee, and Mark Nissen designed SpoilerALERT as an antibody test for insulin degradation. This is crucial for diabetics who need to make sure their insulin supply is usable. The team won $10,000 with the 2nd place finish, which the team said they will use to continue testing and developing products.


1st Place: SellRaze

Computer Science students Tyler Ma and Jeff Mao started SellRaze to help e-commerce sellers manage multiple online stores and marketplaces. The tool is designed to help sellers manage inventory, fulfill orders, and track sales analytics in one place. With plans to launch in May, the team already has 100 people on a beta waitlist. With the 1st place finish, SellRaze grabs $20,000 and automatic acceptance into CREATE-X Startup Launch.

You can check our part of the SellRaze pitch below and get to know all the competitors here.




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