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Create-X Demo Day 2023 In Pictures

by hypepotamus

Create-X Startup Launch, Georgia Tech’s entrepreneurial initiative and startup accelerator, just wrapped up its latest cohort on campus. 75 teams set up their booths last night for Demo Day, where they chatted with local investors, potential customers, and the larger Atlanta startup community.

If the line wrapped around Georgia Tech’s Exhibition Hall was any indication, Create-X Demo Day was the event to be at last night. 

We took a spin around Demo Day to talk to founders and learn about their vision for their startups. 


Here were some startups that caught our eye! 

The team behind ATHLUM is building light-up turf to change how athletes train in real time. Watch the full pitch here.

The AthletiSense team is also working on the sports and fitness world. Over the summer they built a wearable device that tracks injury recovery in athletes. Watch their full pitch here.
The team behind WheelChariot wants to make the physical world more accessible. The startup is a accessibility education and consultation platform that works with brick and mortar stores to make them more accessible to those with different types of disabilities. Watch their full pitch here.
Handbags made of cactus?! You heard that right. MBA student Iris Medina-Elston developed a line of handbags made of vegan leather crafted from cacti. Watch the pitch here.
Raccoon Eyes is on a mission to eliminate food waste. Its consumer sentiment analytics platform has already landed customers. The startup has a contract with Georgia Tech’s dining halls and its product is helping each dining hall save $20,000 each month in food waste. Watch the pitch here.
Could drones help get critical equipment and life-saving gear to people during an emergency? That’s what Reflex is trying to do. Watch the pitch here.

Create-X Through The Years 

Previous Create-X teams are well known to the avid readers of Hypepotamus. Teams like Gimme, Grubbly Farms, Crescendo, Sora Schools, and UnDelay have been recently profiled. Companies like the supply chain unicorn Stord, which is backed by investors like Kleiner Perkins and Salesforce Ventures, got its start in the Create-X program.

To date, Create-X has worked with nearly 450 startup teams and has helped more than 1,100 founders get their start, according to director Rahul Saxena

The program launched with financial backing from Christopher Klaus, the tech giant and Georgia Tech graduate, and the program now boasts a portfolio with a valuation of over $1.9 billion.


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