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Better than a powerpoint: Why an All-Canadian Car Made Its Driving Debut In Georgia

by Maija Ehlinger

When most people are asked to put together a mock up business plan, they’ll likely open up Powerpoint or splash something together in Canva. 

Not so for the team behind Project Arrow up in Canada. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out a challenge last year for Canadian industries to create a net zero future by 2050, the country’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) decided to literally build a car from scratch to demonstrate what Canadian manufacturers are capable of. 

Project Arrow and its RL 207 concept car is the first full-build, zero-emission concept vehicle made completely from Canadian technology companies. From the tires to the data security systems, the car relies on technology from over 50 different companies from across the country. 

Now, an all-electric, all-Canadian made car won’t be rolling off dealership lots anytime soon. It’s best to think of Project Arrow as a driving demo of just what Canadian companies are capable of doing in the electric vehicle space.

So where does Georgia come into this truly Canadian story? While Project Arrow debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas earlier this year, the car remained stationary at the event. The City of Peachtree Corners hosted an event to celebrate the first time the car actually was taken out for a spin. 



A crowd gathered along Technology Parkway in the Metro Atlanta city last month got to see the car actually drive for the very first time and check out the inside of the innovative concept car. In the crowd were government officials, corporate executives, OEM industry representatives, consultants, and investors, showcasing the growing interest in electric and autonomous vehicle technology and the parts that will make that switch happen. 

Some interesting components include wireless charging and a 3D printed chassis. 

At the unveiling event in Peachtree Corners last month, Canadian Consul General James Hill said Georgia’s “impressive” automotive industry made it a natural place to showcase the concept car, given it is home to OEMs and other big names in the car industry.

“Georgia is a perfect environment for automobile parts and manufacturing as it evolves into the electrical vehicle sector…and we want to see Georgia embrace [EVs] with Canadian technologies,” Hill said while addressing the crowd. 

Peachtree Corners is no stranger to international automotive innovation. In fact, the city’s Curiosity Lab is a living lab that has attracted several big international companies looking to launch in the North American market.

If you’re a car aficionado and want to get into the nitty gritty of the different car parts, you can explore that here.  If you want to dive into other recent automotive news happening out in Peachtree Corners, you can check out Hypepotamus’ previous coverage or head to the city’s website.

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