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Armed with a $7.1 million seed round, North Carolina-based PerfectScale Wants To Clean Up Your Cloud

by Maija Ehlinger

Just six months into business, North Carolina-based PerfectScale has already landed impressive customers like Paramount Pictures, Fiverr, and Monday.com.

That quick growth is due to the fact that the startup is fixing a very big problem for those building in Cloud environments: Scaling Kubernetes is expensive and time consuming. 

Now, those in engineering roles need no introduction to Kubernetes. But for those unfamiliar, Kubernetes is an open-source platform for software development. As PerfectScale co-founder Amir Banet explained to Hypepotamus, it is the “de facto solution for anyone that needs to orchestrate and manage their containers that are behind micro-services” and is a “major piece in the cloud native adoption.” 

Originally developed by Google, Kubernetes has quickly become by and large the most adopted platform of its kind. But scaling that solution is a “major headache” that can be costly for teams working to scale their cloud operations. 

co-founder Amir Banet

“By headache, I mean: How many service disruption or service level agreement breaches is a company facing because Kubernetes was not set up properly? How many hours does the development team need to invest in doing the root cause analysis about what went wrong and how to fix it?” Banet added. 

That’s where PerfectScale comes into play. Its Autonomous Optimization and Governance Platform is designed to help engineering, development, DevOps, and other teams charged with keeping a company’s Kubernetes environment in check. The goal of the platform is to help businesses “right-size”, right-scale” and optimize those environments. 


Scaling Up With New Seed Funding 

Banet, a product manager by training, most recently was the Director of Product Management at the software company SolarWinds. He and his co-founders Eli Birger and Michael Sklyar left their jobs to work on PerfectScale back in 2022. The platform has been publicly available since March of this year. Alongside big names like Paramount Pictures, Fiverr, and Monday.com, PerfectScale has already closed deals with 30 companies. 

Now, the team is ready to scale with a fresh round of outside capital.

PerfectScale announced today that it closed a $7.1 million funding seed round led by San Francisco-based Blumberg Capital

Upwest, Prelude Ventures, K2 Access Fund, Inner Loop Capital, Triangle Tweener Fund, and Firestreak Ventures also participated in the round. Banet said that the team originally looked at raising $5 million, but saw the opportunity to oversubscribe the round to bring on valuable additional firms onto the cap table. 

This comes after PerfectScale raised its original $2.5 million pre-seed round in the summer of 2022. 

Banet said the funding will go towards hiring PerfectScale’s first sales team and grow its marketing efforts. 

While a remote-first company, the majority of PerfectScale’s leadership team is based in Raleigh. The rest of the team is currently spread globally, with one co-founder living in Israel. 

On top of hiring, PerfectScale is also working on rolling out new tools that help customers better understand all of their work in the cloud. 

“We recently released a new functionality that not only helps you to save cost and make your cloud resiliency better, but it also gives you visibility into the carbon footprint and how you can reduce CO2 consumption,” Banet added. “We really believe that it’s important not just to save money for the organization, but show the impact your cloud environment has on the environment. So our action can help reduce the CO2 consumption and give you more power to make an impact on the environment.” 


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