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No code? No problem.

New development platform is helping non-technical founders get their start

by Maija Ehlinger

Alim Charaniya is no stranger to making big bets. He moved to Atlanta and was an early lead engineer at PrizePicks, a fast-growing fantasy sports startup based in Atlanta, and helped build version two of its mobile app. 

Now, Charaniya is betting big on the rise of the no code movement with the launch of Ambitious Labs. From Atlanta Tech Village, Charaniya initially got off the ground building a “Duolingo for digital skills.” But Charaniya saw a big opportunity within the growth of the no code and generative AI space over the last few years. 

“I always wanted to build an education business…I was just waiting for the right trends and waiting for the right moment to really jump in and teach the next generation of builders,” he told Hypepotamus.

The platform just wrapped up its first cohort for budding entrepreneurs, known as Dreams Into Apps. The goal is to help people build their own mobile apps without writing a single line of code. This is done by leveraging no code tools like FlutterFlow, a fast-growing low code and no code platform for mobile app development. 


Meeting A Demand 

The first cohort included 7 students from across Atlanta who met at Atlanta Tech Village and 22 students who joined virtually from across the globe. FlutterFlow also sponsored the first cohort to help bring the outcome-driven and project-based education to life. 

Some used their new-found skills to launch App Store-quality platforms for passive income projects or even to take the first steps towards a full-time business.

Charaniya said that while some of the cohort participants will look to build full-time businesses, many are looking to create side projects and passive income from their new skills. 

Ambition Labs is filling an important gap in the tech space, says Charaniya.

Upwards of 44% of American workers have a side hustle. Many of those side projects are in the tech or tech-enabled space. But there is a glaring paradox in that statistic, given that the vast majority of people don’t know how to code. 

“We figured that the trends of AI and no code make this make perfect tailwinds for Americans to start online businesses this year.”


What’s Next For Ambitious Labs? 

Ambitious Labs has an action packed summer lined up, says Charaniya. 

In May, the team will be re-launching Dream Into Apps as a personalized program for non-technical entrepreneurs who want to build an app. Charaniya said the curriculum is self-paced with “access to on-demand coaching, office hours and community resources.” More details can be found here

Ambitious Labs will also be running a Summer AI Camp for high school students this July. The two-week virtual summer camp will help students build a ChatGPT-powered AI app. 

The wider community around Ambitious is also expanding. There is a public Slack community for those interested in the no-code startup world. Charaniya said it is “a community of like-minded builders from around the world also grinding on their startup ideas during nights and weekends.”

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