Walking Dead Stuntman & Startup CFO

If you look at the photo above, you might feel like, “How do I know that guy?” While almost every celebrity has multiples doppelgangers (some funny examples can be found here), Kirk Riley is a professional one. As Norman Reedus‘ (Daryl Dixon’s) Stand-In and Photo Double, Kirk has been involved with The Walking Dead for over 2 years. As a stunt performer on the Most-Watched Cable Show Of All Time, Kirk has also played several zombies too. Not only is this young man making a name for himself in the acting world, he also is the cofounder of an early stage startup.

A few weeks ago, in conjunction with Pear-a-digm, we published a piece on Yule, the Atlanta-based app that lets you know a bar’s atmosphere in real-time. Riley is Yule’s Cofounder, CFO, and Head of Marketing. Kirk and his friends got the idea for Yule when they were planning to go out one night and debated for hours about which bar to go to. When they finally arrived, the place was dead. “Our hope is that Yule will become the next global platform to see how people have fun around the world,” they say.

Riley and his cofounders, Jonathan Richter and Chris Waterbury, have been lifelong friends. According to Riley, “The three of us have always kind of been entrepreneurs growing up. Chris, our CTO, for example, has written sound and lighting programs for various nightclubs throughout the Atlanta Area. Jonathan, our CEO, and I even had a lawn care service in high school. Startups have just always been intriguing to the three of us.” Be on the lookout for Kirk on AMC and also in Atlanta’s startup scene.

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