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The Tools of a Musician Turned Entrepreneur

by Tricia Whitlock

Tools of the Trade is a weekly feature in which people reveal the top secret contents of their messenger bags, apps they use everyday, and/or their workstations.

Stanley Vergilis (@StanleyVergilis) is wrapping up his mechanical engineering/economics degree at Georgia Tech while also co-founding Vergilis, a business that matches tech service providers to customers. With a few clicks on Vergilis you can book someone to come to you and do a variety of things from fix your cracked iPhone screen to clean your house. Vergilis is the first team to be accepted to the Atlanta Ventures Student Fund, and are currently in private beta working with a variety of service providers. The future is looking bright.

Stanley is an entrepreneur obsessed with design, music, and business, with a history of small business leadership and musical success. In his former life, he wrote songs and toured with his band called the Balkans. They were featured in international press including NPR, Spin, The Fader, Vice, NY Times, and many others including the cover of Creative Loafing. Check out the CL article.

He was kind enough to tell us his favorite apps and let us capture what’s in his bag so we can scope out the tools of his many trades. Sadly there are no drum sticks. 

His favorite apps:

  • Bitstrips – apparently it’s only old people and kids who use this thing but it’s so funny
  • Fancy – the world’s most distracting app
  • Snapchat – nothing like a little bit of peekaboo
In his bag and why it’s there:
  • Mac – connects him to the world
  • Calculator – he tutors high school students in math and physics through Vergilis so he is always carrying it around
  • $6 – lunch dough
  • Business Card – in case you liked meeting him
  • Chapstick – for moisturizing the money maker

(Photo credit: Detrick/Hypepotamus)

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