Ten Tweets from a Lingerie Designer turned Entrepreneur

Kurt Ronn is a creative entrepreneur, a dedicated philanthropist, and a lifelong bow tie enthusiast. As a man of may talents Ronn has done it all, from designing women’s lingerie to being a principle at one of the East Coast’s largest website development companies. He founded the national recruitment firm HRworks and is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and APM Marketplace speaking on employment and entrepreneurial topics.

Name: Kurt Ronn
Twitter Handle: @kronn
Twitter Bio: Every day is another good day for good, for profit. If I were an inanimate object I’d be a bow tie. Entrepreneur, Founder, Lean Startup Mentor and friend. AGDventures.com
What to Expect: Event photos play-by-play, NCAAF commentary, and personal ramblings

1) He is a fierce fantasy football competitor

2) A noted resume guru

3) Startup chicks’ best friend

4) Dropped the Bass on Black Friday

5) Plays his own Hunger Game

6) Anti-errorist

7) Cycles for a cure

8) TEDx lover

9) Had lunch with a ghost

10) Gets technical with education

[Photo Credit: Koslowsky/Hypepotamus]