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Ten Tweets from the Treasure of Turner Broadcasting

by Tricia Whitlock

Rhonda Lowry is the vp of emerging social web technologies at Turner Broadcasting. In this position she is neck deep in up-and-coming digital technologies and communication trends across the social web scene. All of her work and community efforts (including TEDxCity2.0, Core Reaction, and Geek Girls Dinner) are dedicated to building bridges between technical and social architectures.  Rhonda’s personal mantra is “Vision, Values, Verve” which prompts her to visualize the end game, lead ethically with purpose, and execute courageously.

Name: Rhonda Lowry
Twitter Handle: @GraceMcDunnough
Twitter Bio: Insatiably curious provocateur, bricoleur, media & emerging technology strategist, non-linear bard, metaversian, virtual world musician *opinions are my own*
What to Expect: Startup news, community connections, and funny words of wisdom

1) Bonding women in the tech space through Geek Girls Atlanta

2) Shares moments of frustration 

3) Makes music 

4) And exposes you to other cool artists

5) One can dream

6) The plight of every mover and shaker

7) Channels her inner Dr. Seuss

8) Helps you craft your Christmas list

9) Thinks BIG

10) She can say this because she has done it all

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