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Ten Tweets from Ex-Lawyer Turned Tech Founder

by Scott Henderson

Marshall Seese, Jr., is arguably the coolest ex-lawyer turned startup founder in Atlanta. If you caught his emcee act at Startup Rally or have watched him and his band play around town, you know what I’m talking about. He’s co-founder and CEO of Mowgli Games, an entertainment technology company based around a simple concept – connecting people through social creation. They  just launched their newest product: MashupDJ.com. Now, everyone can make music instantly.

Name: Marshall Seese, Jr.
Twitter Handle: @marswastaken
Twitter Bio: Music creating entrepreneur.
What to Expect: Live music scene, Instagrams, SoundClouds, and deep thoughts.

1. Sage Wisdom


2. NASCAR Newbie


3. Blogging again


4. Good quote


5. Shoutout from Rob Kischuk with photo


6. Fun with Tissues


7. Red Bull MotoX


8. Patent Filing


9. The Surreal Life


10. Drunk Music Making


BONUS: Sharing MashupDJ.com with the world

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