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Ten Tweets from Daddy-O, Tech Enthusiast

by Scott Henderson

Name: Glenn “Daddy-O” Bolton
Twitter Handle: @ProfessorDaddyO
Twitter Bio: Futurist, Mashable: http://goo.gl/u8XQR , Keynote Speaker; Creator of Hip-Hop band STETSASONIC; Music Producer; Artist Development Coach; Celebrity DJ
What to Expect: Trends & observations, Instagram photos, insightful articles, and turnt up music

1. Psychology of the Gold iPhone

2. What He’s Listening to Right Now

3. Car Style Commentary

4. Post Card from Indianapolis

5. Comscore Insights

6. Still Got It

7. WSJ Article on Finding Hip Hop’s Next Big Thing

8. Instagram Insights

9. A Man of God\

10. Team Android

BONUS: Shout out from Chuck D of Public Enemy

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