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Ten Tweets from a Designer Capturing Family Memories

by Scott Henderson

Felix Hu is a designer and former architect who’s launching Umenta to help folks record and share their family memories. When you follow him on Twitter, you can expect to get hungry looking at the meals he cooks/eats. But you’ll also get a fair dose of real talk about Atlanta along with ideas for how it can become even better. One of our favorite posts of the summer was this piece he wrote and we published about why Atlanta is a great place for 20 and 30 somethings.

Name: Felix Hu
Twitter Handle: @chairmanhu
Twitter Bio: Designer. Former architect. Epicurean. Sprint and marathon kayaker. Co-founder at http://www.umenta.com.
What to Expect: Food porn, balanced views of the Atlanta scene, and design speak.

1. Mayflower + Civil War


3. Personal insight

4. Nerding out on design

5. Food porn

6. Atlanta History Center love

7. Sharing ideas

8. Bacon warrior

9. More food porn

10. Why he’s building his company in Atlanta

BONUS: He really loves his company’s mission

DOUBLE BONUS: @gracehelbig makes him laugh

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