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Tech Talent: This Talented DigitalCrafts Graduate Went from Researching French Hip-Hop to Developing Software

by Mike Jordan

Saesha Senger says being a musician and a scholar has been very influential in her desire to get into software development. Graduating this month from the DigitalCrafts’ Full Stack Flex Program in Atlanta, she’s already got a few degrees that you might not expect for a techie — bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music performance, another master’s in music history, and a Ph.D in musicology and ethnomusicology — but as smart folks and music lovers have always known, a little bit of range goes a long way.


I made a big career change with this shift to software development,” Senger acknowleges, “but I did so because I knew that I would constantly be challenged to find creative solutions to unpredictable problems.”

Learn more about Saesha Senger, and how to get in contact with her, below:


What startup/tech projects have you worked on?  

Among several projects, I have worked with a team to create EventSet, an application that allows users to create an account, and add contacts and events(which can be connected to those contacts. This is added to a database so the user can draw on this information when planning events.

Also with a group, I created a site that uses APIs to create a fun experience for the user. This is sort of like  a Bored Panda site that provides a welcome distraction from the world. For both projects, all members worked remotely. This was a new experience for me, but I found that Zoom does a pretty good job of allowing members to keep the entire group connected or split into smaller segments. Because each group is isolated in a virtual room, this approach forces a bit more independence than if others outside the group (instructors, supervisors, etc.) were just a short walk away.

I also worked on an app called Scene It, which utilizes the OBDB API to allow users to search a database of movies with keywords. The user can then add movies to a watchlist and delete later.


What tech/tools are essential to you as a developer?

I wouldn’t get far without Visual Studio Code, which has a lot of awesome extensions that make it easier to keep code organized, and to avoid misspellings or other typos. I have enjoyed our database work, and for that (since I am on Windows), pgAdmin has been essential. I am also grateful every day for my second monitor.


How do you stay informed & on-top of emerging trends?

Twitter is a great resource for staying in touch with the evolution of software development. I check in frequently to learn from what the accounts I follow share. As far as employment trends, I find that LinkedIn provides some interesting material. I also receive a weekly email from Quincy Larson at freeCodeCamp. This email introduces me to all kinds of new tech as well as new ways of using tech I am already familiar with.


What are your best technical or creative skills?

Two of my best creative skills are definitely attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring that my work meets my high expectations. My training as a researcher is also indispensable, since looking for answers on the web is a big part of a developer’s work.


What’s next on your list to learn?

Next to learn is Redux for sure, but I also want to expand my CSS skills, since there are so many cool features that CSS can make possible.


Why the interest in the technology field?

I would never want to be bored, and with software development I knew that would not be a problem. I also knew that I had transferable skills from my previous career field: research, dividing projects into smaller pieces, and time management.

I also love that I could find a job in a lot of different cities, which would allow me to travel. I did get to visit some cool places as a musician and scholar, but that just made me want to see more.


Are you interested in working for a startup, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant?

I am really excited about starting to work in the field, so I am not that particular about which size company I work for. I also see the benefits of working for a smaller company that has less bureaucracy or for a corporation, which has rules set in place that would guide me as a new developer.


Interested in looking at Saesha credentials? Here you go! GitHubPortfolio, and LinkedIn.


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