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Student Talent | Developed Algorithm to Recognize Facial Expression

by Raven Davis

Metro Atlanta has 23 colleges and universities, pumping out 2,400 software engineers a year. Of course, Georgia Tech is never short of rising technology talent. Meet Ore Asonibare, one of Tech’s future graduates and cofounder of Lunr, an event recommendation app.

Class of:
What is your major?
Computer Science

What are you currently working on outside of class?
I founded Lunr with some friends. Lunr is a way for people to discover better local experiences. We believe people should be able to go anywhere and know exactly what is going on at that bar or that restaurant around the corner.

What past projects have you worked on?
I worked with some friends on developing an algorithm for recognizing facial expression called FaceEx. I also recently interned with Amazon, where I built a cool metrics portal.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
I’m great at picking up new technology and using it to get things done. I only recently moved into software development. I had to learn a lot –web dev, android dev, UI/UX, etc over the past year to build Lunr.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Growth hacking and customer discovery! We have been able to release an MVP for Lunr, now it’s time to refine our product with further customer discovery and work on user growth.

Why the interest in startups?
Startups give me the opportunity to solve the problems I’m passionate about. It’s a lot more work than a regular eight hour job but there’s that chance that I’m working on the right solution for the right problem. That’s what keeps me going.

Post graduation plans?
Hopefully working on Lunr.

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