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A Broken Ankle is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Partha Unnava

by Jasmine Jacobs

Georgia Tech grad and Atlanta local, Partha Unnava, was inspired to create a better crutch after spending six weeks hobbling around uncomfortably on crutches.  His creation, called Better Walk, has landed him in Forbes and given him the opportunity to shake hands with the Leader of the Free World.

…he decided to develop a better set of crutches that wouldn’t kill his armpits. His version allows people to rest without having their crutches dig into their underarms. The company is set to start selling the product in early 2015. –Forbes

Aside from being covered in the magazine’s 2015 30 under 30 , which highlights movers and shakers in the tech world, Unnava has also had the great distinction of meeting President Obama in the White House Maker Faire, the first of it’s kind.

This event featured over 100 Makers from more than 25 states and included more than 30 exhibits. At the event, Better Walk CEO, Partha Unnava, was chosen to exhibit the Better Walk crutch to President Barack Obama. Additionally, he was selected to present a 3D printed letter to President Obama on behalf of 150 universities who committed to strengthen their Maker movements and services.

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