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Taylor Martin is Looking for a Cultured Company | Let’s Keep Him In ATL

by Ryan Waller

The Iron Yard academy teaches intensive, three month courses that are churning out  junior-level programmers into the Atlanta tech talent pool. Meet  one of their recent graduates, Taylor Martin to hear about his experience at The Iron yard and what he is looking to do next.


What program did you just complete?
Rails Engineering

What past tech projects have you worked on?
My first tech project was writing a Java based program that played Yahtzee while I was in college. After college I worked in IT Advisory for a Big Four accounting firm, which allowed me to take a peak into the IT of a number of companies, including a couple on the Fortune 500. As a student at the Iron Yard, I have worked on Rails applications both independently and as a member of a team including myself and several classmates.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
My strongest technical proficiency is with Ruby and the Rails framework, but I also love working with API’s. My primary creative outlet is making music, but I strive to bring that same creativity into the code I write each day.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Front­end engineering. I have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, but I would like to take those skills to the next level. I would also like to learn the Ember framework and read up on some web design principles as well.

What’s your ideal internship/job?
My ideal position would be one with a company whose product(s) and culture I earnestly believe in. This may sound obvious, but in practice, I think this is harder to find. I believe that my best work will come when I work for a company whose culture fosters creativity, and whose product really improves the lives of it’s end users.

Interested in startups?

Post graduation plans?
My immediate plans after graduation are to apply to tech companies and startups in the Atlanta area. I am willing to move if the right opportunity were to present itself, though.

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