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What are good steps for students to get involved?

by Devin Hardy

At the Startup Rally on February 18, 2013, a panel of former students who launched their own startups while in college discussed their startups and a variety topics concerning student entrepreneurs in the startup community. Chevon Hines of Chevon Hines EnterprisesKyle Azevedo of viaCycle, and Jerome Choo of Whizzimo weigh in on how students can break into the greater startup community.

In this video segment, we ask the question “What are good steps for students to get involved?”

Audio Transcript

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What are good steps for students to get involved?

Kyle Azevedo, viaCycle: The networking component is so important, because if you do end up starting a company, you need help and you need to know the right people to get help. But beyond networking, I would recommend to anyone even thinking about it, to be public about what you are doing. I feel that so many people do cool things as hobbies or they are not sure if it’s ready for the world yet. But unlike the photos you took at the party last weekend, if you are working on a project – it’s ok to put it out there, even if it’s not finished because you will get feedback on it, which will help make it a better product. You also might find people who you’ll want to take it one step further with. That is often what takes it from the little thing that Mark Zuckerburg was doing in his dorm room to what eventually becomes Facebook.

Chevon Hines, Chevon Hines Enterprises: I definitely think it’s important to get a mentor and to also read books that will help to encourage the entrepreneurial mindset and throw yourself in there. Go see someone who is doing something that you want to do and shadow them. Ask if you can volunteer, that’s the way I was able to get so many relationships in school. It’s definitely important to jump in there and be confident. A lot of people are going to make mistakes and that is life. But be confident and passionate about what you are doing and people will sense that and they will help you.

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