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iOS 8 is an Entrepreneur’s Dream Build

by Sosh Howell

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference earlier this week has certainly given developers and app entrepreneurs plenty to digest.  Announcements made this week may be some of the most exciting changes since the platform was made public in 2008. New features range from a newer, faster code language to superior integration options for your daily life.  Here is a quick breakdown:



What it is: A new language to code iOS apps. Can be used instead of, or in addition to, Objective C.

Why its important: In time, this should reduce the cost and development time for native apps.



What it is: Allows developers to see real time results of their code.

Why its important: Allows for faster debugging of native code.



What it is: A new SDK that allows apps to share health information.

Why its important: Developers will be able to create health-specific apps that receive and provide current health stats without having to partner with a specific device. This also hints that the widely rumored Apple watch will be able to monitor your body’s vitals.



What it is: A new SDK that allows apps to interact with other devices in the home such as security and energy usage devices.

Why its important: Similar to Healthkit, this will allow developers to create home/office related apps that interact with 3rd party devices without the need to partner with a specific device manufacturer.


When Apple opened up the iPhone to 3rd party developers they created a multi-billion dollar industry launching well-known mobile first brands like Instagram and Angry Birds. Apple has proven the key to innovation is to simply put the tools out there and it is up to the entrepreneurs to take these tools and turn them into the next billion dollar acquisition.


Apple has clearly revolutionized the personal computer, the music industry, and invented the multi-billion dollar app industry; now they are setting their sights on health and home, how do you plan to leverage their new tools?



About the Author: Sosh Howell is the CEO of AppedOn, Atlanta based mobile app development firm.



[Photo Credit: Whitlock/Hypepotamus]


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