Entrepreneurs Shaping the Social Good of Atlanta

Atlanta is brimming with savvy social entrepreneurs shaking up the civic sector. They’ve got heart, they’ve got soul, and, together, they’ll create lasting change for communities worldwide.

We’ve highlighted a few of our hometown favorites. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do.

Alex Acosta | Soul Food Cypher
Lyrically Leveraging the Power of Speech


Alex Acosta is the lyrical genius (formally known as the founder & executive director) behind Soul Food Cypher, an arts organization bridging music with community creatives.

Jasmine Burton | Wish for Wash
Igniting Innovation Through Sanitation


Over half the world is missing basic needs like access to a toilet. Sanitation savant, Jasmine Burton, is bringing this problem to a head one toilet at a time with her mobile toilet, SafiChoo.

Jeff Shinabarger | Plywood People
Supporter of  Startups with Soul


Jeff Shinabarger, founder of Plywood People, supports startups through creative problem solving projects and education on entrepreneurship.

Jen Hidinger | Staplehouse & The Giving Kitchen
Serving Savory Bites with a Side of Social Good


Jen Hidinger, alongside late husband Ryan, launched Staplehouse, a restaurant that doesn’t just serve up supper. Through the nonprofit arm, The Giving Kitchen, the restraunt delivers financial support to service industry professionals facing financial crisis.

Jesse Grossman | Community Bucket
Hands-On Advocate for Collective Action


Jesse Grossman is the buff behind Community Bucket, a band of volunteers serving local nonprofits and having helluva a good time while doing it.

Joey Womack | Amplify 4 Good & Goodie Nation
Champion of Cause


A self-proclaimed “rebel with a cause,” Joey Womack is helping organizations create social impact through his ventures, Amplify 4 Good and Goodie Nation.

Monica Campana | Living Walls
Making Walls Talk


Every white wall around the city is just screaming to come alive – engaging communities and artists simultaneously – which is precisely what Monica Campana, Executive Director of Living Walls, hopes to accomplish.

Marian Liou | We Love BuHi
Crusading the Bounty of Buford Highway


Buford Highway is budding with opportunity, which is why Marian Liou started We Love BuHi, a catalyst colliding social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, government, and local area businesses.

Nikishka Iyengar | The Guild
Resourcer for Resident Change makers


Nikishka Iyengar is the brains behind social impact incubator, The Guild, which leads social enterprises towards the path of sustainability.

Rohit Malhotra | Center for Civic Innovation
Community Driver for Civic Causes


Rohit Malhotra is the man behind the Center for Civic Innovation, an organization supporting social entrepreneurship and civic change.

Photo Credits: Alex AcostaJasmine Burton, Jeff ShinabargerJen Hidinger, Jesse GrossmanJoey Womack, Marian LiouMonica CampanaNikishka IyengarRohit Malhotra.