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Chris Silich | GSU Grad, Gamer & Interactive Development Guru

by Ryan Waller

Programmers, or Interactive Developers if we are being technical, are part scientist and part inventor. Mathematicians and magicians. They take ideas and bring them to life. 

Developer/Designer Chris Silich is certainly no exception. Aussie by birth and Kiwi by nationality, Silich is:

  • currently the Department Head of the Interactive Development program offered by The Creative Circus, a 2 year portfolio advertising school that focuses on training top creatives.
  • a Georgia State grad
  • a self-taught developer in Javascript, PHP, and half a dozen other languages
  • an avid gamer
  • specializes in interactive design, development, teaching, motion graphics, and identity design
  • has been making interactive stuff (for some cool clients, such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS, Lego, and MODA) for about 15 years  …and has been teaching for almost that long

See some of his work:

[Photo Credit]

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