Hear Your Fanbase Roar With Shouty

You’re at your favorite sports bar and your team wins it all! The crowd goes wild; beer flies everywhere. But apart from your fellow bar-goers and the friends blowing up your texts, you don’t really know how fellow fans are celebrating. Shouty is a live streaming app that puts you in the middle of the fan action by showcasing all that excitement in one place. Get pumped with a live video of painted faces across the country and post your own to share the moment.

Led by co-founders Jonathan HessingAustin Schmidt, and Zunair Ukani, Shouty started, well, shouting from the rooftops in February 2016. Learn more about how Shouty can improve your live entertainment experience, their unique revenue model and what’s next on their radar.

Number of Employees: Shouty has 16 team members that make up our leadership, creative design, marketing, and tech teams.

Funding or bootstrapped: We have a funding history of $200K. We’re looking for a Series A of $9 million, with preferred equity investor experience.

Your Pitch: An event is a once-ever moment captured and shared by one or more people. Shouty is the Jumbo Tron at the event, showcasing everyone’s perspective on a categorized feed.

How’d you get the idea for it?

We were sitting at a bar in Kennesaw, GA in 2013 watching a football game. After a game-winning play and huge upset, the bar crowd was going crazy. We couldn’t help but wonder what the atmosphere must be like at the game, and realized there was no platform that showed everyone’s micro-moments on a single stream. The idea for Shouty was born that day.

What problem are you solving?

We want to provide a platform for consumers to continue using without cluttered home feeds and unwarranted content. No mobile platform aggregates user’s streams or has a map that shows you what events are happening around you, at that moment. The FOMO (“fear of missing out”) is eliminated as users can see every perspective of an event, making them feel like they were there.

We want to have the ability to build a genuine, personal relationship with younger audiences through company streams that tell stories. As well as give a categorized feed for their advertising, marketing, branding, PR, etc. without being intrusive on the user experience.

Shouty algorithms provide users with content that interests them, helping users find brands that resonate with them.


What’s your revenue model?

Our revenue model is quite revolutionary when compared to other typical companies in our niche mobile app and media market. Some of these mobile app companies seem to gain user growth, THEN create a monetization platform. For example, this is usually done through the push of an annoying 15-second advertisement filled with completely irrelevant marketed content. We know the time to our users is valuable, so we’ve implemented a revenue model that allows for a platform that doesn’t ruin the user experience or user interface. Simply put, it’s a millennial friendly multi-level marketing model.

So, the Shouty model offers 3 additional and accessible platforms once onboard with our super low monthly subscription pricing. Our first model is a B2B platform which allows companies to personally stream any content they choose to show the company culture and identity as well as market to users around them via our geo targeted live redemption downloads, or LRDs (fancy phrase for coupon). Our second platform allows for a select few companies to gain maximum exposure by priority placement. This will be a weekly reoccurring revenue. Our third platform allows for a pricing filter in which users or companies can edit our virtual tags that link directly to purchasing an item. We plan to take a small competitive transaction fee per sale. We currently have 2 more monetization platforms in the pipeline that are undergoing further research.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?

Snapchat is the main competitor as they are the only company with comparable technology. However, there is no media platform that aggregates user’s streams and allows them to share their experiences through a navigation platform and a categorized, tailored feed.

What’s next for Shouty in the next 6-12 months?

Shouty will be hosting events across the country to build communities based on users interests and celebrate the individual perspectives that make up a collective event. Shouty is also expanding user growth through strategic partnerships. Shouty intends to expand into an interactive desktop platform and begin implementing monetization methods.