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This 22-Year-Old Is More Talented Than You’ll Ever Be

by Klaire Wesolowski

Meet Ryder McEntyre. His years of design experience and wealth of skills (writing, project management, video) make him a tech talented Renaissance man with experience in, and a love for, startups. He’s graduating in May and is looking to leave Rome, GA behind for a bigger market.

Atlanta, we need to snatch this kid up before someone else does.

Current Role:
Design Assistant

I am currently working on a variety of freelance websites through the squarespace platform as a designer. I am also juggling numerous client expectations as a print designer with some light web design work. For example, I’m in the process of completing a branding and identity package for a client who is pivoting from residential to business-class fiber optic broadband in rural northwest Georgia. I’m also working on a 100+ page catalog for a pressure washer company while doing a lot of internal agency brand work.

I’ve recently finished branding for numerous clients like a web app to crowdsource demand for broadband service in underserved areas of the country, a network of schools connected by fiber optic broadband to increase collaboration, and a branding project for an accounting client. I’ve also worked on a site for a telecommunications law firm out of D.C. that is launching this week. I did their home page UX/UI designs and worked on iterative changes they required with their closely held style guide. Lastly, I’ve done some wireframes for a municipal / county government website attempting to solve workflow problems of residents attempting to pay their water bills. The site should launch within the next 2 months and the government agencies we’re working with are very excited to have this huge problem solved.

Other than design work, I have a great knowledge of videography because I created the short film which helped the Confluence Conference get some serious sponsors (which made my boss shed tears of happiness). In addition, I know a lot about project management as I have my own clients which I handle every day.

His best technical/creative skills
My best technical skills revolve around Adobe’s Creative suite – primarily Illustrator, inDesign & Photoshop. After that, I am very well versed in customizing WordPress & Squarespace themes to create entirely new sites. I have extensive experience in UX/UI design through my work with a variety of types of clients and understanding their audiences. In addition to design, I have a wealth of knowledge about Final Cut Pro X and videography equipment, particularly DSLR cameras. I can also shoot manual photography and operate a studio proficiently. I love to copywriter and perform project management as well.

Next on his list to learn
Front-end development is my next skill to learn because I would like to be able to execute the designs I mockup.

Why he’s interested in startups
I almost said ‘the culture’ but that’s old hat. I like the agility of startups. They do not have a long standing tradition of doing things one way or the other, so it’s very easy to create a space in which productivity is maximized versus working at a more established company with bureaucracy. The energy of a truly creative startup is just irresistible. I’ve been interning at a startup here in Rome, Georgia for 2 years and I love it, but I’m looking to enter a bigger market.

How he stays informed of industry trends
I love reading industry-leading publications like FastCompany, Harvard Business Review, etc. I also adore websites like Typewolf, DesignMilk, and I follow a number of design-related tumblr blogs and twitter feeds.

The technology that is most important to him
I would be lost without my iPhone. I have all of my calendars, accounts, cards — essentially everything. Adobe Creative Suite, as mentioned above, is the SLOW JAM. I love how I can sync it across both my work computer and laptop with ease. I love Layervault for revision control, and Basecamp for project management. iCloud’s recent updates help me go from my laptop to my computer to my phone while editing the same document. I’m so busy, anything that lets me do stuff without having to pull out a computer is essential to my life!

Check out his resume & portfolio.

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