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The Race is Internal

by hypepotamus

A consistent challenge of many entrepreneurs (and future entrepreneurs) is the daily struggle of admitting that we are not exactly where we want to be. It’s this tension of hoping for the future and the gap between today and tomorrow.

Something I’ve learned along the way after a handful of ventures that worked (and a ton that failed) is that the race that we believe that we are racing is an internal one, not an external one. I see this daily as I work with our students at our local Code School because we have students who enroll who are 19 years old and some who are 50+ years old.

You see, age is not the problem and neither is it something that will limit you and your success. What will limit you and dampen your spirits is that small sneaky voice inside your head that tells you that you aren’t there yet and thus you are, as a result, a failure. That you need to work harder, faster, and run longer than everyone else to achieve your dreams.

This is a lie and can be incredible detrimental to your own psychological and physical health. If you are motivated and willing to do the hard work then you’ll be just fine. The so-called “race” is only internal – there are very few points of comparison that have any value for you that are actually external.

All-in-all I want to encourage you to spend far more time doing your great work, meeting great people (being part of Hype is a big part of that!), and making sure that you have a balance between the time that you do your work and rest and relaxation. You’ll live a lot longer, a much happier, and a more more fulfilling life.

Heck, you’ll probably be more successful too.


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