Sweet Soul & Mad Skill Set | Kelly Marble

Kelly Marble is honing her skills and Atlanta is benefiting. This KSU grad can manage a product, plan events, teach, create videos, code and has experience in big business as well as freelancing.  She’s passionate about creating and executing experiential events in technology, community outreach and special events. Check out her profile below and see why her good nature is a great addition to ATL’s startup scene.

What’s your current role?
Online Product Manager

What’s your experience?
I’m an Atlanta native, with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Kennesaw State University. I worked part-time for Microsoft. During my four years there, I taught summer camps, created workshop curriculum, coordinated off-site and on-site events, and acted as a volunteer coordinator.

What startup/tech/creative projects have you worked on?
This year, I worked on several freelance projects with GoodieNation, Community Empowerment Network and The Martinez Foundation. I joined Goodienation after my first Hack-a-thon at Google. I created a mock-up application to help Wings for Kids, a non-profit organization that teaches child development and social skills. I identified trends and opportunities within the academic space and presented the teams work in front of celebrity judges and an audience of 300. I also juggled video production for the Martinez Foundation, which helps to improve teacher diversity and retention in Washington State. Currently I’m the Online Product Manager for Community Empowerment Network, where I create comprehensive business, customer, and functional mock-up websites, product strategy and vision, and collaborate with cross-functional teams including sales, marketing, engineering and UX design team. I’ve recently finished teaching a summer bridge program at Columbia High school with The Young Entreprenuer’s of Atlanta Foundation. Next month, I’m partnering with Tech Talent South to teach a kid’s coding workshop. Come out!

What tech/tools are essential to you?
My best technical skills revolve around Final cut pro, Avid, Touchdevelop, Office 365, and Windows 8.1. After that, social media, and Hootsuite. I have extensive creative skills in developing story-telling presentations, kid’s curriculum, flyers, workshops and community outreach initiatives.

What’s next on your list to learn?
Over the past year, I’ve taken interest in SQL and Visual studios, I plan to learn both.

Why the interest in startups and the technology field?
Startups are the catalyst to the future. They connect local communities and have countless possibilities. Startups attract most millennials, for the simple reasons of having flexibility, creativity, and growth, all in one place. Growing up I was a part of the technology boom. I love technology and want to use it to help the community. I’m pumped for startups that focus on community and technology!

Interested in working for a startup, mid-sized company, or a corporate giant?
Community involvement is a big part of my life. Working for a company where philanthropy meets technology is my ideal. The size of the company does not matter, it’s the heart. My journey as a Ladypreneur has transformed my mind to the endless opportunities of a halcyon company and community.